If you have a desire to Make Money in the telecom industry why not Go with a Real Telephone
I used to be with Global Verge And Televerus,and both companies let me down with fasle promises
And pipe dreams.GlobalVerge Suffered an FCC FERDERAL INVESTIGATION,Back when they were Zero 1.
I had a website that people were buying Products from but they never received them. So i dont trust
their new Name, why? Because they still got the same people in control over that was present during the FCC
Investigation. Then a regional Manager who was at Global Verge Got me signed up with Televerus/Traverus in October in the"PRE-lAUNCH"
mODE!! They had us paying for a website that we cant even Market to people.What sense does it make to keep paying a company
for membership when you dont have Nothing to show for. I Left Televerus, and to this DAY THEY STIL DONT HAVE THEIR SITE UP,Thousands
of people over at Televerus are highly Pissed off.My sponsor who is a regional Manager is threatning to leave the Company if
they dont get their act together.The problem is that these Are MlM COMPANIES TRYING TO SELL CELL PHONE SERVICE!!
Wouldnt it make sense to Join a real telephone company Like LightYear Wireless. They have been in Business for 16yrs by their
Parent Company Lightyear Network SOLUTIONS based in Kentucky.
you tube link >>>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5euHJt-8Ek

$49 is all you need to get started!!!!!!! $49

capture page
And here is the replay of a recent webinar replay

Thanks for joining us today for our Saturday Training Presentation! Lightyear
Wireless just introduced the 2010 Growth Bonus Promotion!

Watch a replay of the presentation at www.whylightyear.com this weekend! The
promotion is incredible.

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