I often have people look at me in shock when I say that I am an atheist. They ask how is it possible that I do not believe in God. Listed below are a few of my reasons why.

First, I have actually read the bible. Now this might sound strange to most people but I have found that most Christians that I come across have never read the whole book. I am the great grandson of a minister and was raised by devoted Christians, I even taught Sunday school. I am amused by people who try to convince me by citing the bible. Most end up walking away realizing just how little they know about their religion. By reading the bible I found so many contradictions that I was forced to question what I believed. Why does the bible give two totally different accounts of where Joseph and Mary went after Jesus birth? Who was Jesus grandfather? How did Judas die? If you look it up you will get different answers depending on if you read Luke or Matthew. There are a lot more. Additionally the stories in the bible are repeats of stories in other older holy books. The ten commandments are a lot like the confessions of a soul in the book of the dead in Egypt and the book of the dead is a lot older.

Second, I have a hard time believing in a God who did not care about the world until a few thousand years ago. What was God doing before he made the covenant with Abraham? What happens to all the people from that time to the coming of Christ? Why did God only care for the Jews before the coming of Christ? What about the rest of the world? God clearly had favorite people, I would prefer a God who cared about everyone all the time.

I also had a problem believing in a God who wanted followers who were ignorant. The bible celebrates that Adam Eve were ignorant. They did not know they were naked. The greatest sin was that they ate of the tree and gained knowledge. Why didn't God give them knowledge in the first place? Why keep them ignorant? The church has never been a fan of knowledge. Why? Why was Eve punished more than Adam and why was everyone punished after that. Do we punish children for the sins of their parents. (you father stole something so you have to go to jail for it) We would call a person who suggested that crazy but we see it as ok behavior by a god?

Third if the bible is divinely inspired why doesn't it have any truly divine ideas. There is no suggestion that all men are created equal in the bible. It is clear that God approves of some men owning other men. Women are considered second class and are there for the comfort of men and the man's sexual satisfaction. (If you challenge this I will post chapter and verse to prove it) God plays favorites all throughout the old testament. He kills a man for masturbation but allows King David to live despite the fact that David not only committed adultery but had the woman's husband murdered so he would not be found out. What happened to justice and fairness. There is no concept of democracy in the bible. All the people knew at that time were kings and that is all the bible talks about. There are no individual or civil rights. A woman is not allowed to divorce her abusive husband. The most pressing question are left unanswered by the bible. What about terminally ill persons? Should we have a death penalty. There is not one thing in the bible to show that it is divinely inspired. It makes predictions that any person who has lived a few years can make. "there will be earthquakes in various places" in the last days. Wow guess what there are quakes on any geologically active body. Mars has marsquakes. The bible says the world is a few thousand years old. We know that the earth is millions of years old. If you trust the bible on this one next time you are sick, pray. Forget all of that technology.

Believers do not behave any better than others and most of the time are worse. Millions have been killed in the name of a loving god and millions have been killed by followers of a religion who's name means peace. Christians made slaves of millions of Africans and raped and murdered them. Why does religion make better people? The children of Israel killed every man, woman, child, goat and oxen in the promised land of their enemies at the command of their God. Genesis says that God drowned every baby on the planet in the flood. Have you ever stood outside of a church after service? Those holy people fresh from worship say some of the most hateful and cruel things. And this is just after church. Believers tend to only take those parts of the bible they agree with. Divorce is a sin people read the book. Pre-marital sex is a sin. Lying is a sin. Believers are suppose to have tremendous power (if they have the faith of a mustard seed they can move mountains) but I see no proof, so either none believe or the bible is wrong.

The bible is not historically accurate. Herod was not King when Jesus was born and he did not slaughter the first born. The Romans kept good records, there is no mention of such a slaughter although there are records of Herod killing family members to stay in power.
Finally I cannot believe that a loving all powerful God would create a world where there is so much suffering Millions are hungry and suffer from disease.

The whole forgiveness of sin thing has me messed up. A man who has spent his life murdering and raping children can get into heaven if he repents on his death bed but a good Buddhist who has taken care of the poor and sick will go to hell even though he has never heard of Jesus. God can forgive me for something I did to you. Think about that for a moment. Why should I care what I do to others because God can forgive me. I don't have to worry about them.
America was not founded as a Christians nation. The founding fathers were afraid of religion having too much influence in government, that is why they created a separation of church and state. Jefferson and Franklin were pretty close to being atheist if you read their writings. There are all of the these claims of miracles but it is strange that you never see any religion claiming to be able to re-grow a limb. They can cure cancer but forget about re- growing stuff. They talk about the corruption of the roman empire but the empire did not fall until the Christians took over. Yep about 50 years after Christianity became the official religion, the empire fell. If I am wrong I will burn in hell but some how I think the gods of today are no more real than Zeus or Odin or Ogun

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Comment by Brian Franklin on August 16, 2010 at 9:26pm
I am still laughing. Let me see if I have this right. You respond to my blog post and you refuse to read it. ok. Should like some Christians and the bible. I post bible verses that clearly show contradictions and you refuse to respond. Ok. Lydia I could never sway you. You refuse to think for your self or open your mind. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Hell Lydia if you cannot discuss the book why are you here. It is my blog. I can take as long as I desire to respond back. Typical religious person, want to tell every one how they should do everything. The question is why do you keep responding? Perhaps you have some doubt? Is there thought going on. Careful Lydia your imaginary friend might send you to hell for that. Or will it be Zeus or Ogun or Shiva or any of the other thousands of "gods" that humans have worshiped.
Comment by Lydia Richardson on August 15, 2010 at 11:35am
@ Brian

I refuse to even read through this mess you are about spew. You take weeks or days to respond simply to put your head together with your cohorts and that is your right. If you are looking religous teaching, I suggest you look for someone in your area where you can have a free dialogue face to face instead dealing in silhouettes. As I have told you before I am not here to help you figure out anything. Nor am I here to tout the merits of any translation outside of original text without a face to face dialogue. My conviction means that much to me. But you seem to think coming back a week or two later is somehow going to get me to change my stance on what I have said and what I have said I will NOT discuss in this forum. I am not that easily swayed. Again seek religous instructions elsewhere.

No need to keep coming back to me, you can NOT convert me.

Have a great day
Comment by Brian Franklin on August 15, 2010 at 11:25am
Lydia While I am not a biblical expert, unlike most of the Christians I have met, I have actually read the bible. Most people I have met have not. They are familiar with a few verses and chapters but have no really knowledge of the actual word. The bible clearly states that after the birth of Christ, King Herod ordered the murder of children near his age. Now the Romans kept good records, These clearly show that Herod was not king during this time and surprise no mass killing of children was ordered by Herod. ( They did note that Herod killed a lot of his own family to hold on to the throne) You have one biblical writer saying Joseph and Mary fled to Egypt with the baby and another saying they went to Nazareth. Then there is this
Matthew 1:16
And Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.
Luke 3:23
And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph, which was the son of Heli.
They cannot get right who was Joseph's father. They have no clue where Jesus went after his birth. And you have the balls to say I have not read bible. You clearly have not.
Comment by Lydia Richardson on August 7, 2010 at 2:23pm
@ Brian

You obviously have not read the Bible as you profess to have done. Even by your own definition you have the will to believe or not believe. Thats free will. Why do you expect chrisitians to have a better time here. The place of our reward was never promised to be on Earth. AQgain it shows you have not read the Bible as you professed

You are the one claiming errors in the Bible. I have never claimed such a thing. You explain what you call errors. I am quite fine with the Bible as it is.

Note I have already explained to you when it comes to the Bible I WILL not belittle it to what you want. So again go ahead and try to convert someone else.

Have a great day

FYI: Most people who have nothing to hide, hide nothing
Comment by Brian Franklin on August 7, 2010 at 12:58pm
LOL, Lydia you can't have it both ways either. First of all according to your religion everything that happens is the will of God, so there is no free will. The only thing man can do is either believe in him or not. Christians do not appear to on average be better than the rest of the population. yet they are suppose to be following God. How do you explain that. How do you explain that the bible has errors and God of the old testament is totally different from the god of the new. I know you will not even respond to that. You will must go off an a tangent.
Comment by Lydia Richardson on July 23, 2010 at 2:30am
@ Brian

There may be others posting bible verses but you are the one that said you do not want religion forced on anyone. By the same logic, you should not be forcing your beliefs on anyone. Especially since you hate it so much. You can't have it noth ways. I don't think atheist are try to convert anyone, I think YOU are doing that.

You want churches to pay taxes and you want them out of the schools. Well they are out of our public school but you will never get them to pay taxes on the religous arm of the church. There is a separation of church and state, you can not have it both ways just to appease the atheist. WOW I am really sorry your church or the one lead by your ancestor was taking advantage of poor people. WOW People killing because of an 'invisible friend' that is such a stupid statement and not relevant to what I see in my community. As for others countries I/we do not have any control over that. But if you want to be effective, please by all means go over there and stop it. Christians are human beings that have flaws but you say you want to hold them to a higher calling than that of your own. Well since you are god, make it happen. Christians are people working through their own soul's salvation. We ARE sinners saved by grace. And yes we are humans that have a free will. You can not have it both ways
Comment by Brian Franklin on July 22, 2010 at 10:32pm
LOL.Lydia. Look at this website. We have all of these people posting bible verses and saying what God has done or wants, and you actually think that atheist are trying to convert someone. What a joke. You know what I want. I want your churches to pay taxes. I want your religion out of the schools. I want your ministers to stop taking advantage of poor people. I want no more Jim Jones and David Koresh. I want no more people killed because they think their invisible friend is better than someone else's invisible friend. I WANT CHRISTIANS TO ACTUALLY ACT LIKE CHRISTIANS ARE SUPPOSE TO ACT according to their bible.
Comment by Lydia Richardson on July 22, 2010 at 2:02am
@ Brian

Although you say you detest the Christians trying to convert others and should be made to stop you are continuing to not only try to convert me but others as well. I guess the rule is only for the Christians. Atheist on the other hand can spew their vile misinformation and then label themselves as 'free thinkers'. WOW!!!!
Comment by Brian Franklin on July 22, 2010 at 12:11am
Let me see. The son of God comes to earth and does miracles and walks on water. The one that every body has been waiting for the hundreds of years and then he rises from the dead. And the people who walked with him through out his ministry cant agree what happened after his birth. They have waited years for him watching for a descendant of David and they get the genealogy wrong. Yep that is divine inspiration. Where was god before Abraham. What happens to the souls of those people? After god made his covenant with Abraham what happened to the souls of all of those people? Lydia I would not try to convert you. There is a reason atheist are also called "free thinkers".
Comment by Lydia Richardson on July 21, 2010 at 3:29pm
LOL poor poor Silhouette


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