Why Don't Black People Stick Together

Is Their something in black folk brains,That we as a people don't stick together. Even black people with money don't pull together. You have some black that make it in society forget that they are black and don't care about investing money in the the black community such as (Banks etc.) IF YOU ARE ONE OF THESE BLACKS THAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, YOU BETTER NOT MESS UP. THEY WILL REMIND YOU THAT YOU ARE STILL A N-WORD IN THERE EYES!!!!!

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Comment by Christopher Reece on December 3, 2009 at 1:45am
So what are the simple things we can do everyday? Begin by using the term brother or sister in place of the affectionate endearing use of the N word. Begin having elevating conversations with the brothers or sisters we come across at the workplace. Whenever we hear one of us talking negatively step in with positivity. Stop letting our youths debase themselves in speech, dress and conduct. The list goes on and I can speak on it at length as well......
Comment by Djehutihotep on December 2, 2009 at 9:43pm
Simple these people are not black people, they are Negros. A black person & a Negro may look the same but mentally totally diffrent.

Black Person = Productive educated intelligent self-aware self-love care for others & self-reliant

Negros= Unproductive uneducated mentally impaired unaware self-hatred disregard for other black people relies on others & selfish.

We need more black people in our communitiees not Negros.
Comment by Christopher Reece on December 2, 2009 at 9:33pm
I am going to break the equation down to its simplest state which is "true education" we have black folks that are graduating college at alarming rates, achieving more than ever before, but no real education. We don't know how the government has sabotaged us from the very begining, we don't understand how the media plays us and makes us consume the goods they put out. Have you ever listened to a song on the radio for the very first time and said "I don't care for that song" only to wait weeks later after complete innundation to find your self singing right along? Ever notice how when Black people move to the suburbs, we all move to the same ones then the schools start slipping and the property values decline.... not so much because of crime, but because the area was undesireable in the first place. My people read a book that is not required for your degree....thats where the real knowledge is. The MAN is not going to require you to read a book that could empower you beyond his grip. Let me get off my soap box...But blacks will not stick together because no one has told them to or told them that it is worthwhile. COMMUNITY UMOJA
Comment by Carla J. Kee-Franklin on December 2, 2009 at 9:14pm
We complain and don't do anything at all but complain. We don't stick together because we don't want to see others do better then the other person. It's a shame. We are the only race that don't stick together. I could go on and on regarding this topic. I will not. When will the black folk take a stand.


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