We've talked, a whole lot, in these blogs and comments about cheatings and failures. The hurt, the pain and the suffering that often follows. How it is coped with. How some may have had to go for counciling. Most of the topic and it's comments have been directed towards the loss women have had to endure. The woman on the side during the holidays and the scorn of a woman. Sometimes I get the impression that there are those who believe that men don't hurt, or at least, do not hurt as much as women do. Here's one for the men, and women you can respond as well, please do. Honestly!!! Do men cry when a relationship has gone bad or ended? For whatever reason, no matter who's fault it is, when that one woman that you truely love does not love you any more and all the things you try to do to win her over again fails, who cries? Do men cry?

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Comment by Careyn on August 30, 2010 at 3:38pm
Showing pain is not gender specific - men cry. Most individuals who suffer an tremendous loss show it in some manner - more than often it's by shedding a tear.

I know of no woman who thinks less of a man who is so hurt he cries. On the other hand I'd be more leery of a man who felt the need to contain his grief. That's far more dangerous to him (a physical stressor) than letting go of the pain.
Comment by Millicent on August 22, 2010 at 11:11am
Yeah. A man cries. He may cry to himself when nobody is around, but men do cry and they cry alot. Women usually get together with their friends and have a good cry. That is just how we do. Thus, it makes sense that you hear more about the hurt that a woman has endured over a lost relationship. Men usually keep that to themselves. I love to see a man express his emotions that way. Crying is a great release whether male or female.
Comment by Acholam/Poetic SoulProvider on August 21, 2010 at 7:59pm
My tears has made me the man I am today. Yes we men cry. There is noting worst in failing in a meaningful relationship that means everything to you.
Comment by JEFF TURNER on August 19, 2010 at 11:33am
Men and women are different, thank God. They may not react the same to an ending love relationship, but I think men cry. It may not be on the outside, but many (probably not all) men cry, if just on the inside.
Comment by Lakendrick Toeran on August 14, 2010 at 1:56pm
ive never cried at least not just yet in regards to the breakup of a relationship...but alot of times i feel as if i want to cry..i know i cant force myself too...not because the fact i do wrong bkuz i believe if i do wrong by her then thats my lost and my fault but sometimes i just want to cry bkuz of the fact that when im nice and treat you like the queen you are you got some women out here who like to take advantage of that and when you say something they tend to get mad idk why
Comment by Lady-T on August 14, 2010 at 6:00am
I believe some men may cry but it will probably take some additional stressfully events to yank those tears out. Our society has set it up that a man who cry out of emotions is weak under normal circumstances other than a death or birth of 1st child where high emotional state may occur suddently without warning. Most of the time they reach out to fill that void often at the expense of another women, alcohol, drugs, work or whatever will somehow easy what they are truly feeling giving them time to digest smaller parts of the hurt.
Comment by Alisonty03 on August 9, 2010 at 3:04pm
"If you can put up with what I dish out, it lets me know that you're willing to be with me. You're proving your love."

Wow, Sasha, just wow!!!!! As a woman, when I hear about women that act like that, it makes me cringe!!!! If a woman has to do all that with the man in her life, she has serious issues that won't be resolved, because the man is afraid to confront her, so the cycle continues and will be carried on to another generation!!!!! I used to think jealous, insecure people acted that way because of something the other person did, but I've come to the sad conclusion that some people-men as well as women-are messed up!!!! I just wish people would get themselves emotionally in order before committing to relationships, because I see too many people miserable because they don't!!!!!
Comment by Sasha on August 9, 2010 at 10:15am
@ Candy,

That's b******* Candy, having a close relationship with your parents and being a daddy's girl means nothing in my opinion if you can brag about seeing a man emotionally broken. I sometimes think there is something wrong with you, with some of the postings you post (honestly). Breaking someone down emotionally or psychological doesn't mean the man loves you, it means that he's not emotionally and/or psychological strong enough to let you go. And i think you intentionally pick out men who're unstable; because you know you have a knack for 'breaking men' in. But there's this saying that states 'what goes around comes around. So there will be a time when someone will take pleasure in watching you shed a few tears of desperation.


I honestly (with all due respect) don't understand how people can stay in a relationship with people who make them miserable. I don't get it? Especially when there's more 'hell' in their home (their sanctuary) than any other place they frequent in life. But both Candy, and Alvin's postings are prime examples of how men too put up with a lot of mess from ungrateful women. Mind you, we're only hearing their side of the story, but men have to deal with a lot from women who're psychologically unstable, emotionally insecure,, ungrateful, devious, undeserving and (possibly in Candy's case) bi-pollar. And what makes it so sad is the fact that they actually love this women over finding a woman who'll love them the same in return. They unselfishly put more importance on these women over themselves (the same as some women do in abusive relationships).

I have a male friend who's engaged to this girl that he's been off and on with for years. And she's controlling over his every move. The man can't walk out the door and get to work within 30mins with out having at least 3 missed calls from this girl. She's constantly texting him, always want to know his wear abouts, and it drives all of us crazy!! This woman does this because my friend is not emotionally strong enough to just let this woman go. And as long as he stays with her, she too will be able to brag about her ability to make him cry; by strategically delivering these low blows to his pride, self-image and self-esteem. He asked her one day why does she treat him that way; and he stated that her reply was something along the lines of

"If you can put up with what I dish out, it lets me know that you're willing to be with me. You're proving your love"

Sound familiar Candy?

No man or woman should have to deal with someone elses 'baggs' in order to prove their love is unconditional (that's b*******). Again, anyone who feels their partner should be able to endure the emotional abuse they give in order to prove their love; is a person that really needs to seek professional help. Women who do this to men are women who've had someone else do this to them. So they're making the men they're with currently pay for the actions of men in their past. Women who have everything they want from their spouse (don't really have to work, have everything they want and need) and still give the men hell, are women who're not happy with life and themselves. And both these women make life hell for those of us who don't carry ourselves in such a manner.
Comment by Alvin E. McAdams on August 9, 2010 at 2:08am
What do you do when you've been with someone 17 years have two daughters and your wife is making life hell on this earth? You've got up and gone to work for 36 of your 52 years and because you've been recovering from a trilpe by pass heart operation and haven't worked for two months she starts to call you lazy. And she has'nt had to work in 16 years.
Comment by Candy on August 9, 2010 at 12:58am
I hate to admit this but I have always been a woman who can break a man down to cry. its like when he cries and I broke him down I know he loves me for real. My friends used to say you are a crazy b**** this fool is going to kill you.
I guess it was some young twisted thing I had going on within me. No, before the people who think they are shrinks want to analyze me, I have a wonderful relationship with both my parents. i am a Daddy's girl. Parents been married happily 50 years. Just took pleasure in seeing a man being broken down and drove him crazy. I think I missed my acting call.


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