What it means to Be Senior of Who You are

It all began as I pondered on what having seniority really meant. I found myself teaching lessons on that very subject only to have clients ask me questions around the same. I am always amazed at how the great mystery brings us the moments in which we find the answers we are seeking. It has been my experience that as I go through a stage of growth others around me also go through their own. Some how together we seem to complete the lesson, but on different paths.

I awoke one night in the middle of the night just like I have many a night with a powerful moment of clarity. In the wee hours of the morning, it comes as an incredible rush of adrenalin. It is as if angels are speaking to me. I always try to go back to sleep thinking that I will remember everything in the morning. However, a powerful force pushes me, almost tossing me out of bed, and refuses to allow me to find sweet dreams again until I obey. I have no choice but to fly out of bed as I channel this energy of certainty and write down every word that is being piled into my head. It comes so fast that I cannot even write fast enough. I cannot even speak it aloud. I just write as I am told. I am always astonished by what ends up on paper, or what comes through my fingers onto the key board. In any event, I am finally becoming so comfortable in my own skin that I am willing to share what I hear, or channel. I am still not sure from whence it comes.

Below is what came that night.

So, what does being senior of your space, and who you are really mean. Seniority is when we are masterful and certain as the moments of a day passes. When no one can come and say or do something to you that will knock you over with their actions or words.

You know that you have lost your seniority when you find that you are working really hard, and do not feel good about what you are doing. This applies to our jobs, events and relationships. We have all had those relationships with co-workers, managers, friends, families and partners that we found that no matter what we did to make those relationships work we were exhausted, tired, frustrated and miserable. To put it simply, when things are not flowing seamlessly you do not have seniority. When you are racking your brains at how you can do things differently, how you can or should change. When you are thinking what is wrong with me, why can’t I get this to work, what changes do I need to make to be heard, and/or accepted. When you are no longer having fun, you have lost your seniority.

Many believe that the way to cope is to shut down or detach. This will not keep your seniority. On the contrary having the ability to remain open in a way that you do not feel threatened or challenged in anyway will keep your seniority in tack. You can simply remain open, because you are o.k. In reality you are always o.k. it is the self limiting beliefs that you have agreed to that have convinced you that you are not. Being detached and, shut down places you in a position that you argue for your limitations of who you think you are. You never need to argue for who you are when you are certain and in seniority of who you are. When you walk in the world being senior of your space you create a space not only for others to see you, but also you create a space of allowing. You can allow others to be who they are, and walk the path that they need to walk.

Creating a space of allowing can be confusing to some. Allowing does not mean that there are no boundaries. It does not mean that you now become a doormat. Do not let that fear affect you. You can still have boundaries in which you choose what you want to happen and how. You still can say yes or no. However, the boundaries will be yours for the choosing not someone else’s when you have your seniority.

I am aware that some of you may be thinking that; I am going to become senior, and I am going to get back what I gave over, or what someone took. There is no need for this thinking or feeling. Just be senior from this moment forward. Begin to become aware of when you are not. Becoming senior is not puffing up your chest, tightening your fists so that you cannot be pushed over. This is your ego saying this will never happen again. I am not standing for it anymore. When you go to this place this also keeps you from being senior because you are still in a place of reacting. It is not necessary to react when you are senior. You can just observe and choose what you want. You can choose what experience you want to have. Being in your seniority will keep you centered and grounded. You will be in a place of surrender and safety that will present a state of well-being and happiness. It will feel good. Remember to feel not think, and be not do.

After receiving this, pictures of my own life where I was losing my seniority flooded through my mind. I was finally able to put to rest those situations that troubled me. The lessons that I was exposed to so that I may learn made sense. I got it. I hope that you too find this information helpful.

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Comment by Angi on February 1, 2009 at 12:02pm
This is very insightful, and useful to me...RIGHT NOW!!!
Coincidence, I think not!!

Thank you for sharing this with me. Reminding me that there need not be any struggle, just "BE" from right now and forward.

Brightest Blessings,


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