What ever happened to respect for authority and the elderly?

One of the problems with kids today is they have no respect for authority. They don’t recognize the authority that their parents have over them much less the authority of some other adult.

They grow up feeling no consequences for anything that comes out of their mouths and they have no respect for those who came before them.

It’s never Mayor Jones or President Obama, its Jones and Obama because they never use the titles of distinguished officials until their forced to and the last and first respect they end up paying is to “Your Honor” right before they’re sentenced.

I have the greatest respect for the elderly. I know I’ve seen some things in my life and I can only imagine what they’ve gone through.

I treat them with the same courtesy as I treat my own parents and listen to what they have to say. Respect doesn’t mean you have to follow someone blindly and not challenge them when appropriate, but there is a level of esteem that today’s young men and women seem to be lacking.

Many of you are going to be old one day (I’m staying young forever), so how do you feel about the prospects of being disrespected by a group of kids not even born yet? I could have just as well applied this to adults because many of them do the same things.

So my questions are:

What ever happened to respect and reverence for authority?

What ever happened to respect for the elderly, people in our own families?

How can we get back to teaching young people how to respect the elderly? How to respect those in authority?

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Comment by zanadee44 on November 10, 2009 at 11:38am
Strong Black men are of utmost importance in the upbringing of young men and women. Somehow, we always feel that mam's gonna be there ..no matter what..loving and caring for us(not true anymore..mam's are leaving,too) If there had not been strong Black male role models in my life..I shudder to think how I would have done when trouble comes into my life. They taught me strength and perserverance.Fathers... stay in touch with your children. The impact of knowing you care is..priceless and lasts forever. peace and love and respect..
Comment by Soojung on October 30, 2009 at 7:12am
Crap! sorry this is spamming >.< I wanted to add that I have no respect whatsoever of people who interfere by "helping" because their helping always wind up being more hindrance. What I mean at least in this case is this: if a person calls the whatchamacallits (*good candy btw ^o~) against some person they see spanking their child (for instance just one smack on the butt) in public and the whatchamacallits comes and takes the child away ~how helpful is that to the child? You just took him/her away from his/her mother!!
Ok NOW I'm done complaining ^o^
Comment by Soojung on October 30, 2009 at 7:09am
Things that count against a child: youth, impressionability (*possibly environment but I'll leave that alone for the time being) and character. Youth counts against them the most because they are STILL growing and have yet to form opinions ~they don't think like adults no matter how smart they may be. Some are mature for their age -but we're talking about the ones who aren't so here goes: their mind is unstable as well as their environment -even if their parents try to discipline them, the parents may themselves not stand behind each other causing confusion (*not to say that disciplining differently is bad but saying that if you discipline and visibly fight amongst each other in front of the child then of course it's ineffective).
TV and internet inundate these unprotected minds from ever learning to think -clearly and well ~and they choose role models who are most appealing or popular -not based on what's good for them. How can they "know" what's "good" for them if they've never been exposed to that EXCEPT through talking? (*kids do listen, but the way kids learn is by copying and by visuals. This is why TV and internet is so powerful).
Schools shouldn't take over the role of parent BUT should still be able to discipline children but because most disciplining tactics are illegal or frowned upon that limits greatly what the schools (and by extension PARENTS) can do to discipline the children.

Lastly my opinion: What the hell kind of dumbass person/s enforced so strongly these rules of "niceties" and softness?? I mean seriously if two kids were fighting do words work? NO you get in there and pull them apart! -In other words GET INVOLVED don't wait for someone else to do it.
Comment by Mary Flo Purdie on October 29, 2009 at 10:27pm
Good questions..first and foremost these kid don't have a fear of GOD......secondly, they don't have proper upbringing, (not taking too much away because some parents do try) third, it takes a community to raise a child and there is no longer sense of community out there..parents can get into trouble for disciplineing their own children and the school system can't seem to get it undercontrol. God help our children........


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