Many will never SEE the COURAGE and RESOLVE shown by all those BLACK / WHITE / JEWISH /ITALIAN ...who entered the FIGHT FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS that WAS the CIVIL-RIGHTS MOVEMENT ! Yes, in most cases CERTAIN BEATING , HUMILIATION (at the hands of people not actually worthy to wash their behinds ), and EVEN IN THE FACE OF DEATH ...Those who CAME BEFORE..DID NOT BLINK ! How many of US TODAY who are so INTELLIGENT that we are CONSTANTLY CALCULATING THE WEIGHT and INFERENCE of even our words said in RACIAL EPISODES worrying about the CONSEQUENCES of STANDING UP FOR WHAT IS PLAINLY THE RIGHT THING , I sometimes wonder if we would even be OUT OF SHAKLES if we had to COUNT ON SOME OF US !.(but, we will have that hook-up right ? )

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Comment by ebonytruthteller on June 1, 2011 at 7:23am
And isn't that the way IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY some within us (meaning America at large )  have always been WEAK and COWARDLY totally SELF-ABSORBED and ONLY A HANDFUL  OF US ARE WILLING TO FIGHT FOR THE MAJORITY ..Think about the LIFE OF DR KING, a large majority of those who he fought for WERE COWARDS AND WORTHLESS AS FAR AS STANDING UP FOR WHAT WAS RIGHT ........Yet he did not falter !


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