Two men fight over a female is she to blame?

Two men fight over a female is she to blame?

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Comment by Sasha on October 10, 2010 at 3:27am
I can recall a time while stationed onboard a Navy ship, that I was being treated really nice by some of the guys onboard. I'm talking they would buy me things in the ships store, lift heavy equipment for me, and even open doors for me. And I couldn't figure out why, or what they wanted from me; because that wasn't normal behavior for people who'd been out to sea for over 90 days straight (yea, 90 days no land). Well, a close friend of mine got into a serious fight in his birthing space (living quarters) with two of the other dudes on the ship that I was cool with. And what was so interesting about this fight between my 3 buddies, is when they where contained by the master at arms, I was called to the Captains at sea cabin to face these three men. I had no idea why I was even being included in their mess, but ok, I do as I'm told right? I found out from my friend who was fighting with the two other guys that he happened to over hear them telling a sexually explicit story, featuring none other than yours truly, moi. Where they were telling this vividly detailed story of a 3 way that supposed to had taken place between these two men and myself while on liberty call in Sydney Australia. I was 360% heated! I was so mad, that I started crying, yelling, shaking, screaming, I fvcking blew a gasket!!! And they'd been going around for the last past two weeks telling the whole ship this b******* story; and all the fella's wanted to know if I was willing to give them a 'taste'. So now, I was possibly facing disciplinary action, because one of the guys was married. And its against the Uniform Military Code of Justice or the Ships Rules and Regulations, to have an extra martial affair. Which could have led to me being placed on restriction, as well as being reduced in rank with him. So my friend whipped both their ass when he heard them telling the story, because he knew it wasn't true. If it hadn't been for the one guy who had the balls to stand up for me, I wouldn't have never knew why all these guys was being 'extra nice' to me. But how the s*** unfolded and blew up in their face is when they started stating times and dates that this encounter supposed to had taken place. Folks who're listening to the story only wanna hear the juicy details, but those who enforce the rules had to actually investigate these claims in order to see who was at fault and what actions needed to take place. And these times and dates didn't add up; because they just happened to be the same times and dates that I was standing guard duty on the ship. And my name and signatures where found in the duty logs at that time, so there was no way they could have done anything with me. Had I'd not been on duty, it would have been even more difficult for me to clear my name. I GOT CAUGHT UP, in someone else's b******* for the sake of them trying to slander my character. When I asked why they did the s***, one of the a******* replied 'Because you're a stuck up b**** who think your better than everybody!'. This man was 25 years old 0_o? And because I wouldn't give him no ass, he tried to ruin my good name.


What's the point?

I've seen many men do this when they can't get what they want from a woman. Cook up a story to damage her self image and self-esteem as a means of making him feel better about himself; because his unwanted sexual advances where rejected. We women get caught up in the middle of N!@@as b******* based on their egos. Some men feel the need to participate in this sexual race to prove to other men how many women they've had sex with. So they swop stories (as we see some are false) as a means of beating his chest saying 'I'm a man'. And when this takes place, a woman's self image, self-esteem and reputation in most cases falls as a causality of his egotistical, childish means of bragging on his d!ck. This is why men who're brothers, close friends, boyfriends/husbands, or relatives of these female causalities step forward and fight to defend their honor. My close friend ('Papa Bear' is what we call him) is still my friend, and mentor this day. He's family to me, and there's nothing I wouldn't do for this man. He's a man of faith, a man of honor and substance. And he has more female friends (gets more ass) because he's honest, truthful, 'real' and a gentleman. So the only time he fights over a woman is when she's being mistreated and done wrong by some jerk off in the name of 'man-hood'.

I've witnessed first hand two nerds fight over a woman who hadn't even reported to the ship for duty yet. They had this picture in their head (based on her name) that she was 'hot' and they where making 'dibs' on who was going to hit it first. The funny part about it is, when she got there, she didn't want either one of their ass, she ended up dating and marrying a Marine stationed on another ship. But these dudes ended up having to go see the captain over some 'ass' they hadn't even seen yet. And she was cute, but she wasn't trying to get with anyone on this ship and to be honest, I don't blame her.

But this is how some men work. THEY (not us) in most cases get s*** started over women who could give a dam about either one of them. And in many instances the women they're fighting over tend to be some of the most trashiest, nasty h03s 0_o? If the woman is playing either of these men, why fight over her? Take it for what it was worth (an ease screw) and keep on moving. No man or no woman is worth anybody shedding tears or losing blood if they're playing both you and your friend (thats craziness).

Now, if the men in question are fighting over a woman's honor (as my friend did in my situation) or fighting to keep the woman from being harmed by one of the two in the altercation, then no! She's not to blame. It's not that fvcking hard to figure out. I get mad just thinking about that sh!t, because some men here wanna make it seem like anytime you see two bums fighting over a woman its somehow her fault. Get the fvck outta here with that!
Comment by Rosa Ladon Rawls on October 9, 2010 at 11:13pm
This question can go either way..first of all she is not honest, depending on the situation,either they know about one another, or they don't, fighting to me is CRAZY, why would you want to be with someone who is confused and doesn't care about your feelings. If they know or don't know about one another, seems to me they may be confused or don't care.
Comment by Shafiq Abdur Rahman on October 9, 2010 at 8:37pm
Uku Mitchell would have us believe that there are rules with respect to when it is acceptable to date a friend's ex, or fight over a woman. No such rules exist. Men fight over a woman for the same reason animals fight to be the alpha male, it has nothing to do with "rules." We are mammals and primates, we do the same things as great apes do, for the same reasons, to be the alpha male, plain and simple. However, as humans we are not controlled by biological drives alone, we are supposed to be controlled by reasoning. If you have to fight "over" a woman, as opposed to "for" a woman (as in protecting her from harm) then your ego is setting you up for possible destruction; these sorts of altercations only take place when the woman plays an active role in creating/allowing the issue to unfold for her own ego. If one has to fight "over" a woman, best to walk away and let her go her own way, she has already chosen.
Comment by kevin l richardson on October 9, 2010 at 7:40am
first of all a women is not property to fight over. adults make choices the beef is with her or them misunderstanding who she is and what she wants. your really fighting over pride and a bruised ego.


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