Florida, has been an education in some "new" form of AMERICANA for me having grown up in an AMERICA where much of the accepted social and cultural norms of the day are here where the fruit of diversity has  "rotted" to an alarming state...The DEEP SEATED BELIEF in the power of the occult (remember it is forbidden in scriptures for a reason )....continually surprises me. I have encountered  MEN of POWER , RIVER QUEENS , etc,etc, and various "practitioners" from many lands all here in my country yet, introducing belioef systems COMPLETELY FOREIGN TO ME !..I was told by a young sister (i love her heart she thoughty she was advising me on the techniques to "apease" witches /sorccerers ..namely never speak about them ) "MY PEOPLE ARE "DESTROYED" BECAUSE OF A LACK OF KNOWLEDGE  ! Could it be that the SAME PHILOSOPHY that fueled the SPIRITS of those who could LEAVE A CHURCH SERVICE OF THE DAY, and gather under a TREE (cursed is any man who hangs from a tree)....AND ASSIST IN THE BRUTAL /SAVAGE HANGING OF A HUMAN BEING WHO IN 90% OF THE CASES HAD NOT EVEN BEEN ACCUSED OF A CAPITAL OFFENSE !..This time exposed a SPIRIT THAT EXISTED IN THE SOULS OF THOSE WHO CAUSED THIS HOLOCAUST OF BLACKS HERE.......In fact DO THE RESEARCH and you will see the historical accounts of just how DEEPLY INVOLVED IN WITCHCRAFT  A LARGE PERCENT OF THE "PROFESSED" CHRISTIANS WERE!..Today the introduction of OCCULT SOCIAL NORMS ( remember the guy on t.v. who every day, claimed to speak to spirits, or thew popularity of the Harry Potter chgaracter, all the obcession with the power of manipulation ) ..BEWARE PEOPLE THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU WERE DESTINED FOR !

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Comment by Willie Good on July 20, 2011 at 1:40am
Peace Eb!  Do you understand that the africans and the Jews (Us) are not the same people?
Comment by ebonytruthteller on May 31, 2011 at 8:29am
How else were we ENSLAVED for such a long time (beyond the prophesy)..other than WE were DECEIVED into a FALSE BELIEF OF JUST WHO "THE PEOPLE OF THE BOOK WERE" ?.And believe me THERE IS A SPIRITUAL ASPECT TO THE HATE-FILLED RESPONSE TO PRESIDENT OBAMA ......from even those who PROFESS to follow CHRIST of the BIBLE ................THERE IS A PALATABLE FEAR PRESENT IN THE HEARTS OF THOSE WHO HAVE EMPOWERED THEMSELVES UPON "THE POWER OF PREFERENCE" and PRIVILEGE ( of course when one "knows" within themself that they are debased , they will be threatened by the mere presense of one seeking to WALK TRUE )
Comment by Willie Good on May 31, 2011 at 12:06am

Not spam my brothers and sisters, just important information that you need to know.  Those of us of Negroe, Indian and Hispanic descent are the REAL Jews the Bible speaks of...


And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. -St. John 8:32



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