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Obama, Biden Sit Down for Beers With Gates, Crowley

• Pres. Obama and VP Joe Biden shared a drink and some snacks with Cambridge Police Sgt. James Crowley and Harvard University professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. yesterday at the White House.

• The media was kept about 30 feet away from the table where the four men sat with their beers in frosty mugs and snacked on pretzels and peanuts.

• Pres. Obama said he learned before the sit-down over beers that Gates and Crowley already had their own private conservation, which he called "a testament to them."

• Crowley told reporters there were no apologies offered at the meeting, but that he and Gates already have planned a follow up meeting to continue the conversation.


Pres. Obama To Make Cameo on ‘George Lopez’ Pilot In Nov.

• George Lopez has a special guest star to open the pilot of his upcoming late night talk show for TBS.

• In a clip shown during a Tuesday meeting of the Television Critics Association, the comedian stands across from Pres. Obama to beg for a position in his cabinet.

• Pres. Obama lightly brushes him off, saying: "George, you need to change late night. That's the kind of change I can believe in."

• The show will air in November.


E. Lynn Harris Died of Heart Attack, Coroner Says

• A coroner's official says heart disease, complicated by high blood pressure and a hardening of the arteries, is what killed author E. Lynn Harris last week.

• Los Angeles County Coroner Craig Harvey confirmed that the 54-year-old author died of a heart attack brought on by cardio-vascular disease.

• Harris collapsed on Thursday while promoting his latest book, "Basketball Jones," in Los Angeles.


iPhone vulnerable to hacker attacks

• Security experts have uncovered flaws in Apple’s iPhone that they said hackers can exploit to take control of the phone.

• This is done by sending computer code via the phone's SMS system.

• Mobile phones use SMS to send and receive text messages along with software upgrades.

• The phone's users cannot detect that it is receiving the malicious code.

• They have successfully tested the hacks on iPhones running on networks of four carriers in Germany along with AT&T Inc in the U.S.

• Criminal will probably develop software to break into iPhones within about two weeks.


NFL: Vick says he's close to signing

• Michael Vick is close to signing with a professional football team, but refused to elaborate.

• Coaches for the Raiders, Bears, Lions, Seahawks, Vikings and Titans all said they were not interested in signing Vick.

• The NFL Commissioner conditionally reinstated Vick on Monday.

• Vick is free to sign with a team and could be playing in the NFL by week six.


Michigan Man jailed for assault during Monopoly game

• A friendly game of Monopoly turned ugly when a Fraser, Mich. (Detroit suburb) man hit a friend after she refused to sell him Boardwalk and Park Place.

• Kenneth Reppke, 54, hit the 56-yr-old woman in the side of the head and knocked her off a chair, knocking off her glasses.

• Fraser was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery.


Utah boy, 7, drives off to avoid going to church

• A a 7-year-old Utah boy, who did not want to go to church, stole his family’s car for a Sunday drive.

• Weber County Sheriff's deputies spotted a white Dodge Intrepid driving recklessly Sunday and pursued it.

• The car never went faster than 40 mph, and officers could not stop it.

• The driver eventually pulled into a driveway in and stopped.

• Deputies were surprised when a little boy jumped out and ran into his home.

• They boy was not charged because he is too young to prosecute.


Unstable S.C. man on probation for horse sex has sex with same horse again

• A S. Carolina man was arrested for having sex with a horse, while on probation for having sex with the same horse.

• Rowdell Vereen [vuh-reen], 50, was caught by the filly's shotgun-toting owner, who also has video surveillance of the perverse act.

• Vereen was charged with trespassing, and was held on $10,000 bail.


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Comment by medusa o0 on August 1, 2009 at 9:09am
what are we learning that if a white police officer wrongful arrest a black man in his home for differrence of opinion we get to have a beer with the president. this is a good start to ending racial profiling and police bruality. okay what noe that's solved what's next
Comment by Pamela on July 31, 2009 at 4:47pm
Spare the rod and spoil the child, we are responsible for a child's action at that age...........
Comment by LadyCafeauLait on July 31, 2009 at 4:28pm
About the 7 yr old stealing a car---if he had been my my kid I would have beat his little azz so bad that the next time he saw the same kind of automobile he'd bust out crying just thinking about the beatdown I'd put on him!!!
Comment by Simone on July 31, 2009 at 3:27pm
Did any one think to look at the actual charges of the arrest? Before we can make comments about whether or not race was involved in the situation, we must look at all aspects and not just what the media chooses to show us. Just because the officer is white and the person arrested black does not make it an automatic "race" issue.
Comment by SingleBlkAtlBrotha on July 31, 2009 at 3:12pm
OMG, they need to keep that guy away from animals, and women. Want any of what ever he may have caught to be transfered into the human race. You never know, it might be something worst than aids! They need to get the lady to poor boiling water on his "stuff" before he sexually assults one of Vick's dogs! lol
Comment by Travis on July 31, 2009 at 3:06pm
Rush lembar need to take a look at himself of being racist and narrow minded. This show that Mr. President does have scents to under unlike Rush lember the far left need a drink after this is over with so sit down drink up .
Comment by DJ Honcho on July 31, 2009 at 2:14pm
The Gates/Crowley beer meeting was to me a good gesture in having the topic of race talked up and the Presidential level. However, it failed to expand.

I have mad respect the the Professor, but when it comes to his arrest by a cop (which happens to be white), his ice is not any colder than the dozens if not hundreds of cases like his that take place among the average classed citizen of color in this country.
Just inside the Washington beltway there are cases like where a young pregnant woman was taking down to the ground by a metro rail police officer for talking loud on her cell phone.
There is a number on the "suspect stops" by local officers on well educated, financially secure young black people in our community. When I see a Top of the line automobile with plates reping a Greek organization parked in the old neighborhood, I see someone has came up and is doing good. A doctor or lawyer.
The cops with now sense of "us" sees a drug dealer or pimp or some one in illegal business.

The President's people that stay on top of these issue for him (I don't expect for him to know everything) could have scanned the local scene and had the citizens and police officers involved in similar incidents to come sit in on this as well. (They would not have had to spend thousands of tax dollars flying them in and putting them up in hotel rooms either)
To have expanded it to the "average person" would have at least showed me as well as others that he is equally concerned about race relations of the common folk as well as he is about the talented 10% upper crust folk that's are so far removed from matter like these..UNTIL it happens to them.

Di thing help race relations? Lets be real! If President Obama put on a "disguise" ( a xxx long t-shirt like we wear them in the DMV, some shorts ball cap and shades) he could not catch a cab to take tim across town from a block away from the White House at 2:30pm today, let alone after dark!
So the race issue is no where near fixed.

In the Gates/ Crowley case, it was just good ol' fashioned prejudice towards the Professor. As Dr. Frances Welsing stated: " Teaching at Harvard while black".
It's going to happen again and soon.


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