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- Killer H&B Products: What are you putting on your kids skin and hair?

Dawn Fitch – President of Pooka Pure & Simple
Website: or

Dr. Linda Amerson - Executive Director of LA’s Hair & Scalp Clinic

- Wrap the Naps! Black women do work out!

Crystal Adell - Personal Trainer

Shantelle Curry - Personal Trainer

Michael Baisden’s ONE MILLION MENTORS [SAVE OUR KIDS] TOUR will be hitting a city near you in 2010!
[All events are open to the Public, all ages encouraged to attend, no fee to attend]
Hosted By Michael Baisden


For more information, tour dates and schedule, visit


June 16th – 20th, Ft. Lauderdale, FL: 100 Black Men National Convention
June 23rd – 26th, Miami, FL: American Black Film Festival
July 15th, NYC: 7th Annual Anniversary Party
Sept. 3rd – 6th, Orlando, FL: DisneyWorld Family & Mentor Weekend
Oct. 30th, Atlanta, GA: Halloween Monster’s Ball

Calling all DJ’s!
Each Friday, The Michael Baisden Show features DJ's from across the country to show their skills! If you want to be featured on the show, create a mix that includes Old school R&B, Old & New School Rap (clean), House music, and Hip Hop beats. Keep the tempo of the mix upbeat, no slow or mid tempo songs, and absolutely no negative rap!

- DJ's are required to put together (6) Ten-minute mixes in an mp3 format.

- Do not add imaging or tags to your mixes. The MB Show producers will collaborate with the DJ’s to create IDs.

- Please, no over scratching and avoid playing the same song too long.

Email your mp3’s to: Include the following in your email:

* Name
* DJ name
* City you are representing
* Contact phone number

If your mix is chosen, you will be contacted by a show producer!

The views and opinions expressed by the guests of the Show are solely those of the guests and their mere appearance on the Show shall not be interpreted as an endorsement by Michael Baisden and/or The Michael Baisden Show.
George Willborn’s website:

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Comment by Realme2 on April 16, 2010 at 7:50am
Michael with all the political things going with new healthcare bill, I would like to suggest that a campaign be started to motivate people to get out an vote in November. We already see that republicans no matter what are not going to work with the president. I think the mentoring program your doing around the country is great. I think the voter turnout in November is so important, I hope you plan a campaign for people to get out an vote.
Comment by Tennessee Shorty on April 15, 2010 at 5:08pm
Michael I don't get to work out like I need to due to time contraints, not the hair, not child care, etc. my children go with me and we make it a family thing. i was teaching dance classes and due to my career work schedule i can not do that at the present time. I know that is a problem with many of my co-workers and tehn some of them are just tired and lazy.


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