The Daurham Corporation was flying high with their product Leisure Curl. They were flying high that is, until the Korean players wanted in. They Korean players insisted that Daurham Corporation stock their best hair growth product "Afro Grow" on Korean shelves, when The Daurham Corporation resisted and refused, The Korean players went on the attack.

Out of nowhere The Daurham Corporation found its' profits, name and reputation the center of attention and at odds with the IRS.

In response The Daurham Corporation sent their prize possession "Afro Grow" underground to protect and safeguard its' original killer application from the Korean players espionage tactics and cloning machines.

For ten plus years The Daurham Corporation litigated back and forth with the IRS. After a costly 10 year battle that nearly collapsed The Daurham Corporation they manage to escape the IRS with their solid name and reputation.

After reorganizing, the Daurham Corporation went back and unearthed its' most prized possession "Afro Grow" and renamed it, "IT'S A MIRACLE."

IT'S A MIRACLE represents the Daurham Corporation only haircare product offering to date but it's the original product.

After renaming the original product IT'S A MIRACLE they decided to sell exclusively to beauty salons. Another manufacturer Luster Beauty products also only sells to beauty salons.

The Daurham Corporation having a vested interest in the black haircare industry decided selling exclusively to black beauty salons makes sense and that it also strengthens their allegiance and commitment to remain viable and strong within the black domestic haircare industry.

The largest dilemma for The Daurham Corporation was that The Daurham Corporation very much wanted to involve and include the average everyday African American but a ten year battle with the IRS left The Daurham Corporation less than enthused about attracting attention.

Out of nowhere comes, Mubarak Inter-Prizes.

To implement their reversal of fortune strategy Mubarak Inter-prizes tracks down and locates one of the last remaining bastions of the Domestic Black Hair Care Industry to wit: "The Daurham Corporation."

Mubarak Inter-prizes arranges a meeting with Ernest Durham President and CEO of The Daurham Corporation.

The Daurham Corporation after reading Undercover Smart agreed to work with Mubarak Inter-Prizes. They offered us their newly renamed product called, "It"s a Miracle" and agreed not to offer the product in beauty supply stores or retail stores for the expressed purpose of aiding and abetting Mubarak inter-prizes reversal of fortune strategy.

Mubarak Inter-Prizes in turn sponsors The Daurham Corporation website and sells "It's A Miracle" to the black community and general public on behalf of The Daurham Corporation .

The Daurham Corporation currently concentrates on bulk beauty supply orders, International and global exporting.

Mubarak Inter-prizes in an ongoing effort to recapture our industrial profits presented our reversal of fortune strategy to the black woman. The black women we spoke with agreed to support the strategy with product usage and grass root word of mouth but only if the black man can upon recapture of the industry,agrees to secure and manage the black hair care industrial infrastructure.

Mubarak Inter-prizes accepted the responsibility to be held accountable. Our soul sisters held true to their word and are whole heartily supporting the Daurham Corps stake in the black haircare industry and Mubarak Inter-prizes strategic agenda.

Our black sisters show their support and commitment by buying Daurham Corps.original hair growth product "It"s a Miracle " whether they use the product or not.

The black sisters are recruiting, encouraging and supporting the strategy by buying, using and encouraging other sisters to buy, use and benefit from having a strong, healthy, beautiful growth of hair from using Daurham Corporation original black haircare growth product "IT'S A MIRACLE."

In black beauty salons the U.S.A "IT'S A MIRACLE" sells for $30.00 a bottle and for upwards to $60.00 a bottle in Africa. Mubarak Inter-prizes on behalf of Daurham Corporation sells the product to the domestic black community at $20.00 a bottle.

The black domestic hair care industry belongs to us and we owe it to ourselves to get it back or die trying. Join the brothers and sisters that are supporting and making the Reversal of Fortune a strategy of reality in real-time!

Sincerely, Enoch Mubarak
President, CEO Mubarak Inter-prizes

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