I could not resist but get on here and blog about this topic!!! I know alot of parents struggle just to talk to their kids about sexxx..... If you happen to be that parent, you are way behind - some parents are now not only talking to their kids about sex, but so nurturing to recommend masturbation to their 12 yr old daughters and 14 yr old sons... Well, their reasoning is, he or she is already doing it, why not supervised by me? Maybe you have a point, but when is it too much information for such young minds? Where do you draw the line - between being the main sex educator in your kids life and being a sex therapist?

Let me start by saying that I love Oprah!!! (Oprah, I love you and you are an inspiration!) I am a man and yes I watch her shows. She had a guest on tonight and the message did not sit well with me... I thought I was new school, but this is way trendier than I can keep up.... I have to say that Oprah was just hosting the conversation and did not take sides.

Parents out there, please tell me - is it ok to talk to your little girl and say: "....sweetie, this is called a clitoris, and when you are bored in your room, you take your finger like this and explore the sensation...?" Do you suprise your daughter on her birthday or when she makes straight "A's" and go: tadah! Guess what I got for you from Trojan? "... A nice little friend called vibrator..." ".... Just make sure you've got some fresh batteries, once all the dishes are done, and your homework is complete - get in your room and enjoy with your new toy....". This is rediculous!!! It scares, just the thought that there are some wack-head parents like this out there that have just enough skills to raise their children and only have enough senses to take care of a dog!!! These innocent kids didn't apply to end up in these nutcase parents' lives....

The lady on Oprah Show, didn't use my actual words verbetim, but was trying to say, why not recommend and teach masturbation when the kids are gonna learn anyways? I do not have any children, but would like to have parents who bore the pain of having children and live everyday for their young ones- to comment and debate about this issue!! I think this notion is out of wack and parents you need to let your children be children and not rob them of their childhood!!!! Stop corrupting these young minds!!!!! I am not anti-sex-education, but there just need to be boundaries!!!

I would like to lobby to goverment, to instill a mandatory drug check for both the mother & father at child birth. If a Police Officer can pull me over and give me a breathalyser test for road safety why hasn't this been mandatory for a life coming in that will last longer than a Friday night 0.8 alchohol in your system? People, have we gotten our priorities twisted?

A matter of fact, I would like to ask Michael Baisden to dedicate a special show or hour for this subject and I would be glad to be a part of the show....

Thank you Michael, George and the entire Baisden radio family!!!!

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Comment by Eileen on June 4, 2009 at 1:02am
HELLLLL NOOOOOOOOOO! THAT IS SICK and he or she dont get that conversation EVER!!
Comment by Tracy on April 21, 2009 at 9:49am
I was goin thru the channels on the tv and just happen to stop on Oprah that day also I couldn't believe what I heard. The one lady says she knows all three of her sons masturbate and she is fine with it because it is natural. Buying a vibrator for my daughter would just be out of the question. I know in a therapist talk yeah at least they are at home and not having sex with different boys or whatever. What happened to inocense? boys are different . In this day and age things are so different. The kids should be out playing ball or doing oranized sports programs or doing community service or better yet a job. My husband said he had sex with a girl when he was 11 what in the world would a 11 yr want to have sex when he or she SHOULD be doing what kids should be doing having fun playing ball or swimming at the local pool? it is a sick world out here. Keep the kids in church and in organized activities!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by ola on April 10, 2009 at 4:24pm
The people who advocate to give their daughers a vibrator, I have this question for you HOW WILL YOU FEEL WORKING INTO YOUR DAUGHTERS ROOM AND FIND SHE IS STICKING A VIBRATOR IN HERSELF? I WILL LOVE TO READ YOUR ANSWERS.
Comment by Darlin' Nicky on April 10, 2009 at 12:45pm
Wow!!!! Take God out of schools, arrest parents for disciplining their children, but lets teach them how to masterbate. What is the world coming to. This is far tooooo much. Why??????? Some people are just STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Yves on April 10, 2009 at 12:42pm
"The lady on Oprah Show, didn't use my actual words verbetim, but was trying to say, why not recommend and teach masturbation when the kids are gonna learn anyways?"

There is a reason why this line of thinking is completely unacceptable. Here are some examples why:

why not recommend and teach stealing when the kids are gonna learn anyways?
why not recommend and teach how to lie when the kids are gonna learn anyways?
why not recommend and teach how to murder in cold blood when the kids are gonna learn anyways?
why not recommend and teach you fill in the ____________ when the kids are gonna learn anyways?

It is completely irresponsible and reprehensible.



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