Stop Calling and Texting me, it’s over! Why some people don’t miss a good thing until it’s gone!

Relationships can be hard when you’re in them and sometimes even harder to get away from!
When you know you’ve done all you could to nurture, strengthen and build a cohesive union between you the person you were involved with and they never seem to get on board with the program.  Every time things were going good they always found a way to cause a problem.
Some cheat, others treat you like a piece of furniture and pull you out for company or when they need you for whatever’s convenient for them and the worst are those who put you on a shelf to collect dust!  They don’t take you out, show you any affection and you can’t remember the first or last time they said you’re beautiful or I enjoy spending time with you.
Now that you’ve made your move and decided to allow someone else to appreciate you or maybe you just want to enjoy some me time without having to always be concerned about someone else feelings; They Are Blowing You Up!
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