Pres. Obama's State of the Union Address: What are your thoughts?

Citing a "deficit of trust" in government by the American people, President Obama's first State of the Union address urged Congress to erode the influence of special interests and work together to confront the nation's most pressing problems.

In the nationally televised speech Wednesday night to a joint session of Congress, Obama sought to reassure Americans angry and nervous about the pace of economic recovery that his government understood the challenges and would act boldly to meet them.

The president offered populist proposals that some say could reconnect his administration with middle-class Americans, and he offered a plea to end the partisan stalemate in Washington and work for the common good.

Americans "don't understand why it seems like bad behavior on Wall Street is rewarded but hard work on Main Street isn't. Or why Washington has been unable or unwilling to solve any of our problems," Obama said. "They are tired of the partisanship and the shouting and the pettiness. They know we can't afford it. Not now. "

Senators and U.S. representatives filled the House chamber, joined by members of Obama's Cabinet, the Supreme Court, the military and other branches of government. Obama received repeated standing ovations in the 69-minute speech, including when he said job creation was the top priority of his administration.

Some humorous moments occurred, such as when Obama detailed tax cuts in his first year, prompting just a smattering of applause from the Democratic seating area. Nodding at seated and silent Republicans, Obama said: "I thought I'd get some applause on that one."

Guests in first lady Michelle Obama's box included Kim Munley and Mark Todd, police officers who apprehended the Fort Hood shooting suspect in Texas last year.


How did Pres. Obama do with his speech? Was it detailed enough?

Will his speech make a big difference in the way things are done on Capitol Hill? Why or why not?

Post your comments!

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Comment by Mark in the ATL on January 29, 2010 at 7:26pm
I was expecting a "state of the union" message and not a pep rally. I was hoping he would lay out specifics on where we are now and concrete plans for the future. We are facing some serious issues and we need action. People out here are hurting bigtime. I would have liked him to say hey, I made a mistake by focusing on healthcare for the past year, I direct the congress to put health care on hold and we need to tackle jobs now!
Comment by Travis Murphy on January 29, 2010 at 12:41pm
I thought the Speech was effective. One thing that we must not forget is that President Obama came in the White House to a mess! He could not start with his goals until he repaired or satisfid other issues left before him. The speech was what it should have been. He let the people know that he is working hard to make a change in government, and that he has not given up on America. after all,that is most important.
Comment by David Slade on January 29, 2010 at 1:42am
The speech sounded good, but if you dont understand history, you can never understand politics, the speech was that of the New Testament, a spin off of the Old Testament, it sounded like a stomp speech, as though if he was still campaining. The president is no more than a figture head, i know he means well, but the Powers that control the White House, and the US government is beyond the human imagation, his job is to give the best speech he can give, in order to give people hope. He talked about the middle class, but what classifes the middle class they are the working poor, that pay taxes, that ware a title that was given to them, he never mentioned the poor, which pay taxes also, these iusses has been just talk for the last 60 years, and nothing hasnt gotten done, so i say lets take it to the streets, get rid of all congress and the senate at once, if the president can only serve two terms as the highest office in the land, then congress and senate can only serve two terms(thats the problem) I will become a fan of President Obama, despite the Excutive order that he signed giving Interpol power over the entire USA, despite that he has the power to amend the consituition making me more than 3/5ths of a humanbeing, he speaks of Abraham Ln. and JFK, these men were killed because they knew that the international bankers will be the destruction of america, along with GW, Andrew Jackson, James Garifield.... died fighting the bankers, President Obama has the power to sign an Excutive Order, just like JFK to take the power away from the Federal Reserve Bank from printing money and charging intrest on the american people(IRS) the constuition states that only congress has the power to print money American People, stop being stupid, its "The People Party"now lets take it to the streets and lets get rid of these Son of B******. TO NOT KNOW HISTORY A PERSON REMAINS A MERE CHILD
Comment by Khalilah Allah-Lee on January 29, 2010 at 12:37am
i know you watched the state of the union message by my president. he was magnificent! and it is purely obvious how the oposition has no problem resorting to lies and misleading statements to draw the weaker minded people further into ignorance and mistrust. it is my opinion that they are doing the work of the devil. they think that they can keep people following them into 'the lake of fire' by deceit and inhumanity if they can keep the shroud over truth and honesty.

you know that "LOVE of money is the root of ALL evil." take a minute to trace ALL of the issues of this country and the problems of history and the world back to SOMEBODY'S greed and love of money. health care. why shouldn't we be able to provide sensible health care for every legal person in this country? BECAUSE SOMEBODY DOESN'T WANT TO GIVE UP THEIR MONEY and their OPPORTUNITY TO GET MORE MONEY! evil. that's all it is. aid for impoverished people. look at how many AMERICANS fall under this heading. then look at other countries that we already help. NOBODY in this country should ever be hungry, homeless, or so sick that they can't get medical attention.

so we do have a lot more work to do. we can't sit back on the laurels of having gotten this man elected. we have to continue to support his programs and ideas, because they are for OUR benefit! i have said all along that the lower offices in government are where the problems are that need to be solved. if we allow our enemies to be elected to these lower offices, we are only putting obstacles in the way of the humanity that the election of barack obama has brought us. IT REALLY MAKES ME SO ANGRY! idiots are able to put ANY old stupid comment and made up stupidity out into the airways to be believed by those who are self-haters and aren't thinking for themselves!....sigh!....

what other president of the united states entered office and served for ONE year amid 2 wars, severely damaged global reputation, impending stock market failure, national banks and car manufacturers threatening total bankruptcy, rising unemployment numbers already aiming toward double-digit percentages, a record number of home mortgage foreclosures, a SWINE FLU pandemic, and all while being a strong, brilliant, vital, family-oriented BLACK MAN in racist america?
Comment by mildred on January 28, 2010 at 9:54pm
The reason they do not want president Obama to succeed he is an awesome man, that is just a fact, they cannot stand it. Just check it out. Why would john Cornyn laugh is he just that stupid. The president did an amazing job or speaking. His speech was the best.
Comment by Tyrone Henderson on January 28, 2010 at 9:36pm
I think the Presidents was "Strategic". (defined as; A plan or method for achieving a goal) As you and I know the Pres is a very intelligent Brother. President of Harvard Law Review, "WHAT". Also well groomed with street smarts from the south side of Chicago. And to mention Chicago Politics, only the strong surviive in that arena. So, you have to ask yourself this, "Why would a person put himself and his family through all of the crap that one who have to go through being the President. Espeically being a black man (Remember Jessie). When he and his wife had a lot of other options which were more profitable finanically and less drama. You see, I feel that every so often in America's history, God gives us an angel to help right the wrong that man has brought on his people. Barack Hussein Obama II is that 21th Century "ANGEL". God sent. Now, have said that, back to the State of the Union Address. "Strategic" I believe that he knew that his Health Care Bill was not going to pass. Hell, Bill couldn't get it through and he was well liked and White. Also, he knew that the Republicans was not going to be on his side allow with some liberal Dem's. So, he when a head with it to see how it would be recieved by those's in congress. And they show their hand big time. Everybody said why come he did not fight harder for it. For what, so nothing else would not get done on capitol hill. In the address he not only reminded the American people what was the job of our elected officials but also the elected officials. He challenged those that like to say "NO" to come table with their ideals and plan to correct the problem with health care that would benefit the American people and not the Health care industry. (He put them on front street). Last week he rehired the guy the ran his initial presidential gressroot movement. Today, he is back on the streets going to the people. You mark my word, the Nov. congressional elections will send a lot of good O boys home. This isn't CHECKERS this is CHESS. "STRATEGIC"
Comment by Francine on January 28, 2010 at 9:29pm
I have decided that change will not come because most of us are to lazy and trifling to get involved..Most Americans will not get involved until they have suffered enough and we are not there yet. I guess when the premiums go up another 20% or unemployment goes to 15-20%. If you have affordable health care then that great, but what about those in your family who do not, those in your church who do not, those in your neighborhood who do not? Our President can not do it without our help. He does not have a majic wand that he can wave to resolve all the problems we face. All able bodied should get off your collect lazy butts. We must stop waiting for someone else to take action. We must contact our represenatives and let them know how we feel in clear terms. We must put on our boots, coats and scarves and carry our signs to multiple peacefull rallies and protest marches.
Comment by charlotte wilson on January 28, 2010 at 7:57pm
okay, I just heard the congressman speak.. all that is well and good.. however, you are asking the right questions "how do we fight this fight?
see that congressman and the "black caucus" which have been in this dog figjt for years!! know exactly how to fightr this fight.. the question should be will they? that answer is no!!
That is wy this younger generation again the aspiring Political science majors".. I say them, because they know how to play the game.. for the most part the voters only know who to vote for!
we must get those blood suckers out of office. That's why we need Political lawyers..
what about the NAACP.. I dont want to make this a black thing!! but that is exactly what it is.. that's why for this to be the United States, we are so divided!!!

Man, the answer is for the students that will, get in the fight!.. run for the seats of these "lobbist held" positions in our US congress.

This is not new information to our congressmen and women.. they have just become too comfortable with the crumbs.. I say crumbs, because believe you me, the others are getting more than our black folk.. sell outs..

Man push this.. this is your season.please continue to use your voice to reach the masses for the change we need!!
Edmond, OK
Comment by Ann a.k.a FireCrA.K.Aer on January 28, 2010 at 7:18pm
There is still much more to accomplish and we all must be supportive, set aside frivolous chatter and pull together to achieve anything, as Americans!
Comment by focus65 on January 28, 2010 at 6:20pm
The citizens of America are not hungry or sick enough to roll up our sleeves and help one of the 1st Presidents in our lifetime to care about the working class. It will take US to get our elected officials to pay attention to these issues that President Obama is working to helping to leave the world in a better position than what was given to him. We can't leave this all on him to fight. His speech to me was the equivalent of one of those staff meetings we have all been in at one time where the boss is politely telling you off because they sick of the dumb stuff. I was waiting for him to start saying somethings and calling people out like you know "we" can, but held his dignity.

This is just year one amd Id hate to see by the end of his term that he would have only minor wins and no real victories just for trying to make the load of the working class a little lighter.

I don't know how long it will take or what else do WE need to go through but WE really don't care and aren't struggling enough. But WE have to stand up and HELP OUR PRESIDENT
If we organized to get him elected WE the citizens of the US can certainly stand behind and support him to relieve US of our suffering. We 've already seen the power in our numbers


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