Peace to all of the human families of the planet earth. In my state of apparent rest I was possessed by the spirit of the universal father, brother and son. I was given this message to deliver to my …

Peace to all of the human families of the planet earth. In my state of
apparent rest I was possessed by the spirit of the universal father,
brother and son.

I was given this message to deliver to my beloved mothers, sisters and daughters. It is important first to understand that
my words come from the love I have for you all in the universal spirit
of global reformation. This long overdue message is both a warning as
well as a vision from a dual future. In my person I have observed enough
for this message to resonate with my spirit as well as my logic.

Mother, sister and daughter of the planet earth you must understand the importance of your pivotal role before I continue any further with this
message. You are the vessel of change as well as the the maintainer of
that which is fixed and constant. You are the nurturer of growth and
development as well as the gatherer of all nutrition in substance and
thought for all that evolves in the cocoon of the darkness of your womb.
Being that you are the vessel to freedom there will be no exodus
without your complete cooperation. The mind of man has desired change in
the past that has now escalated to a determined will that only grows in
the center of the sun of man. You have been blessed with the seed of
creation that has been consciously and cosmically prepared to fulfill a
specific and magnificent purpose.

You can no longer aid in the destruction of that initial intent and purpose for you were blessed with
the trust of the creator to cherish and develop it to it's full
potential. To deny this would be against your very nature. You have laid
with a man designed for you while having a secret relationship with his
open enemy. By doing so you have silently in voice yet vocally in
action denied his gift to you and betrayed his trust. This many of you
have done blindly in ignorance yet this can no longer be ignored. Like
the earth it is your duty to give the best you have to offer to the life
that develops within your egg, your womb and your home.

The soil of the earth provides every plant exactly what it needs to do the job that the creator designed for it to do. This accounts for the variety in
appearance, mineral and nutritional content, taste and function of all
natural forms of life. I have seen you poison your flowers when you
thought you were feeding them. You have hooked your children on drugs
when you thought you were giving them food. I have seen you become aware
of this and continue this damaging cycle in fear of the displeasure of
your hidden master. I know that you fear the dissatisfaction of your
children yet their emotional dissatisfaction is programmed by the
expectations YOU have given them. You must know that everything is not
what it appears to be for it is the purpose of the intention of its
creator. A car is a car not because of what it looks like but because it
brings you from 1 point to another. A ruler is a ruler not because you
call it that but because it is used to measure things.

Therefore we must begin calling things what they do to remove the veil from our eyes as well as the eyes of our children. You are not feeding your children hot
dogs, hamburgers, french fries, ice cream, cookies and pizza. You are
feeding them heart attacks, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, depression,
anxiety, doubt, fear and most of all death.

Everything is part of an organic computer program and you have been unwittingly and knowingly uploading a virus meant to terminate the original program of the
universal programmer. I have watched you suffer from the sorrow of lost
parents who were reprogrammed with these viruses while injected the same
poison into your children leading them to the same fate. I am here to
relieve you of your suffering for now is the time for corrective action.

I have watched you send your children to be educated by an enemy that you secretly consider a friend unbeknown to the man you have created
them with. Planting a box of lucky charms in the soil will never produce
another one and therefore it is not living for it will not reproduce to
preserve its own existence. You have injected your children with
chemicals and poison that you have been told will prevent them from
disease when it is actually the disease you are giving them. Many of you
didn't know this and many of you continued to comply in fear once you
did. I have watched you limit the growth of your sons so that they may
never change the paradigm that you have become so comfortable with. I
have observed you feed the minds of your children to the television set
instead of telling them the vision that they will rise. You have
neglected your duties and denied your natural purpose and it must stop

You are a microcosm of our diseased planet that must be healed. This process can only happen with your complete compliance. You
must want this change as much as you need it. If you truly want the
finer things in life look no further than the child in your womb who
will become the woman you need to be or the man you always needed to be
with if you raise them the way the creator intended.

If we truly want a better world we can look no further than the choices you make for you
are the 1st world of your children. Some of you will be upset with the
messenger to avoid confronting your real enemy which is your lower
desires. I know that once fear has been added to your good intentions
the climate for wickedness has been established yet we will overcome it
together. This message has been stamped and approved by the source of
all creation and delivered in pure love. Mother, sister, daughter and
friend it is your time to heal Gods children.

these are the words of brother Kalik Scientific.

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