To scale who’s to say that ‘Earth’ is not the biggest zoo ever created. I’m sure the concept seems ridiculous, but I’m sure if you went into the jungle and tried to explain a zoo to bobo the chimp he wouldn’t get it either. Let’s look at this objectively. We have a large number of sightings, videos, and pictures of objects in our skies. Among the first questions to be asked is “why don’t they just land?” Well I could ask you “why don’t you climb into the tiger cage?” The concept is exactly the same! It’s all about purpose of visit. We go to the zoo (I am not fond of caging animals for entertainment) to look at the animals, NOT to interact with them. Would not the same rules apply if this were indeed the intergalactic zoo? Surely one of the rules would be look but don’t touch.

The pattern of the ‘sightings’ even mirrors human behavior. Typically UFOs are sighted over several cities with a very discernable path, does this not sound like a site seeing tour? I would think if you made the trip to the zoo you would want to see more than one ‘animal’ right? It stands perfectly to reason that a few stops would be made so that tourists can gawk and take pictures. Scale is the issue here. I’m not a fool, so I am well aware of the type of feedback ideas like this receive. However if you can remove the filter that says we are on top of the evolutionary scale, it doesn’t seem so outlandish.

Usually I’m on my soap box about how many things are wrong on this planet but today Ill forego that in hopes that you will give this idea some thought. We need to free our minds. The world has become infinitely finite and quite frankly that is no way to live. We can’t live like we have all the answers when we don’t. The time for asking questions is now. No longer shall we just recycle information that we are unsure of, it is time to start asking some difficult questions. WE must leave the safety of the familiar and seek sanctuary in new knowledge obtained.

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