Older Men, Younger Women: How old is too old?

Some call it the “Sugar Daddy Syndrome.” Others call it the “Father was never around” complex. A lot of people have no problem with it, while many find it sick and perverted. Regardless of your own personal views, older men dating younger women is nothing new.

Why do many older men date younger women?

Why do some women like to date older men?

Just how old is too old?

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Comment by TashaMocha on October 26, 2009 at 11:11am
Yes, i do feel age is a state of mind as some people are more matured or less matured than others no matter the age. However, I personally have a rule, if you are old enough to be my dad (mom and dad's age) then it's a no go. I can't see myself introducing him to my mom and they are around the same age (smh). That's just how it is.

To answer your question, most younger guys tend to act younger, I'm talking immaturity (smh). Older men (some anyways) tend to get the relationship thing and know how to treat a lady.
Comment by Mariah on October 26, 2009 at 10:24am
Why do many older men date younger women? I can honestly say that they do it because younger woman now a days are so experienced, easier to control, wanting to be with someone that's attractive, it makes them feel younger, they might think younger woman have more energy, younger woman are less serious about a relationship, and younger woman are offering much more.
Why do some women like to date older men? sometimes because of their current situations(trying to get out and start over) or just tired of games with guys their age.
Just how old is too old? I'm not sure because age is just a number. Its all about Maturity, Respect, Love, Honesty, Inseparable, Happiness, Laughter, Cherish, Fun, Friendship, Adore, Passion, Bliss, Devotion, Affection, Faith, Hope, Loyalty, Kindness Admire, Patience, Trust , Commitment, Eternal, Eternity, Sharing, Sincerity, Support, Peace, and etc. I'm 21 and my husband is 39 and I don't think our age is a problem. yeah I'm old enough to be his daughter but I'm very mature for my age and don't care about our 18 year age gap. I do always wonder how his side of the family thinks about our age difference but I'll never really know that unless I ask them. Some people have said to me that its very perverted and maybe it is but I love him.
Comment by Michelle Carter on October 26, 2009 at 9:43am
It all depends on the chemistry you have. To me age is nothing but a number but let's not go to young.
Comment by d hop on October 26, 2009 at 3:16am
It depends on the chemistry of the two people involved. If they meet and hit it off, age won't even be an issue. I've dated much younger and much older, but it was their personalities that attracted and kept me around until...
Comment by Nickkey Shae Ramirez on October 25, 2009 at 6:23pm
To me, age is a state of mind. Whatever that person preference is when it comes to dating younger/older man/woman sometimes doesn't have anything to do with the age in the first place.


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