Now that was an @$$ whoopin'! Flashback to the best spanking you ever got!

Ok family, it's time to think back to those wooden spoons, leather belts, or even those extension cords! Remember when Mama laid you out for lying to her about where you were? Do you remember when Daddy broke the switch on your behind for talking back? Flashback to to best spanking you ever had, and tell us your story!

Did you ever get spanked as a child?

Is the lack of spanking causing our kids to be worse than we were?

Post your comments!

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Comment by Tilarah Frell on June 2, 2012 at 2:03pm

The worse spanking I've ever got was when I was turining 7 and my friends came to my birthday party only I won't let any of them play with my toys or eat my cake! one of the tattle tailers told my mama and she came in with the wooden spoon and took my pants off! She beat my bare butt in front of all my laughing friends! After that ugly birthday party, I shared everything, even if it were something extremely speacial and precious to me.

Comment by kylie winer on January 21, 2012 at 11:45pm

ok i was 3 years old and i stole candy form the grocery store when we were in the train i ate it and my mama asked me where i got it from i panicked and said i stole it when i got home she took a spoon and spanked my bare butt twice and i cried. when i was 5 i cursed out my mama and she made me go to the backyard and get a switch, she put me over her knee and beet my BARE butt again, but the most terrible most painful one was when i was 8 and i threatened ill tell my dad she bought this new bag when she didn't work, that time she grabbed me by the hair, dragged me to the room and put me over that knee again, she beet my BARE butt with everything you could imagine, she started out with a thick leather belt with spikes then the switch, the brush the metal ruler, the wooden spoon, the hanger, the sandal, the paddle and more i cried and i never said anything like that again. my daughter Tess(8) just got HER first bare butt beat down about a month ago, i have never seen my angel so sad, she cursed me and her teacher out, i put that girl over my knee got that leather belt and did what my mama did to me for about a minute, i felt bad but two hours later she was the one who actually said sorry.

Comment by Lady D on December 29, 2009 at 5:34pm
I got so many ass whoopings I don't even know which one to pick from. There was a point, when we were about 5, where we had to go pick our own switch. If it was too small, she'd wear us out with that one, then make us go back to get another. And she never told us it would hurt her more than it hurt us; she always said she'd beat us until she felt better. When I got older, she'd always tell me to get my ass in the basement, then she'd go get the extension cord from the crockpot and stomp real slow down the stairs to beat my butt. I, of course, ran after the first 30 minutes, but momma (may she rest in peace) was Army trained and had a mean left hand, so she'd switch when one arm got tired. She chased me down and had my ass curled up on the floor in a ball, lol. I think I pissed myself that time. There was another point, she got so pissed off, she didn't even bother telling me to get to the basement, she just stormed up the stairs to get me. I was so damn terrified, I passed out and fell down the stairs. My stepdad got scared, so I got out of the whipping that time, lol. To this day, I refuse to go down to that basement.
Comment by Mandinka100 Da Bittahsweet Bruh on December 29, 2009 at 5:09pm
My mama is one'a them southern sanctified church sistas. She had a pet saying when she was irritated & annoyed ... "... make me so sick, make my behind want a Coke- cola! ..."

One day when I was 12 ... and as my mama would say ... "smellin' myself" {thinkin' I'm almost grown} ... I did or said something to get on her last nerve while we were standing in the kitchen and she yelled out her pet phrase ... " ... make me so sick, make my behind want a Coke- cola! ..." And she told me to get out her face.

As I walked away, I mumbled under my breath thinking she couldn't hear me ... " Hmmph ... big as as your behind gettin, ... you need to be drinkin' a Diet Pepsi!! ..."

The next thing I heard was a loud CLAN-NN-NG!!! ... And then everything went black!

I woke up my grandma was patting me on my face ... "... Wake, up! ... Wake, up! Wake up, boy!! OK .. he gon' be all right!! ..."

My mama had whcked me over the head with one'a them ole-skool country-a$$ cast-iron skillets that my grandma gave her!! You best believe for the next8 years till I left the house as a grown man she hardly had a moment's trouble outta me ... or the few times when she did ... I had learned to duck REAL QUICK!!

My mama will be 68 next year, I'll be 50 ... and if she feels like I need it ... she'll STILL grab that skillet and take a swing at me!
Comment by Adrienne Danner on December 29, 2009 at 2:43pm
I never really got whoopins when I was litlle but one day I ran off with some kids my mom didnt like me around. We went about 10 blocks away from my house and my mom drove all over to find me. I got the butt whoopin of my life when we got home. Then she got pizza for dinner. Who can enjoy pizza after a fierce butt whoopin. LOL!
Comment by De'Anna Weeks on December 29, 2009 at 9:32am
my grandmother used to make us go get a switch from the rose bush outstide our house.sometimes she would take the thorns off sumtimes she wouldn't.
my mom gave us beatins in the tub full of hot water.she had a black leather belt that she had cut strips would leave these big ass marks on ur skin.
Comment by Darryl Moore on December 29, 2009 at 8:57am
My mother had this leather razor strop. I was about 6 or 7. I used to go in her pocketbook and steal the candies and peanuts that she had. I never stole money. But from the beating that I got, I might as well had. I'm 57 now and to this day, I WILL NOT go in a woman's pocketbook.
Comment by Lynn Taylor on December 29, 2009 at 8:53am
okay 2 keep it short and sweet...I wanted to be hispanic when I was in jr high school because the girls had the nice hair and the banging bodies...anyway my bestie and I got in trouble for staying out late (with boys)and I remember my mother beating my a** until I became black again
Comment by Reba Pearl Gaines on August 12, 2009 at 8:09pm
Did I ever get spanked/whipped????? Absolutely and to this day I am appreciative of those spankings and whippings. Regardless of what others may say these spankings and whippings tend to develop you into an individual with values, respect and love. My mother would to down the back steps, to the fence, pick a switch and depending on its size and strength well let's say she had her choice. She would then walk back at her own pace ( a punishment within itself) to the steps. While she was walking she would peel the rubbish off of the switch. When she got to the steps she would climb them, open the door, FIND YOU, and all you could say was "Oh Jesus or the 23rd Psalm" if you were lucky to know it by memory. And please for the sake of your health stand still cause the more you moved the harder the whippings got. Her words were "I do this because I love you!" And you think "really!" Tounge lashings can also be a form of whippings. Forget the tounge lashings and take the switch because at least it will be over in a minute but with tounge lashings you hear about it all night long. One time my late father and I were in the grocery store and he told me to do something and I back talked him and the next thing I know I had to feel to see if I had lips. All I could say was "On Glory!
Comment by TX Hoops on August 12, 2009 at 2:33pm
Okay, I know there are a lot of post, but I believe I have you all beat. Now I had a father and mother in the home but it was mom that did all the spanking. I had a little game I would run. We shopped at three different stores so I would sneak one the store provided bags in my pocket and put stuff in the bag and walk out the store like I bought it. Yes, stealing, but it worked for over a year, I was a pro. Had the timing down and everything.
This one particular time, mom was shopping, I was working my game (mind you I had 200 dollars in my pocket - this was back in early 80's), had grabbed me some candy, big packages. Instead of following my plan, I stopped for five minutes to look at a video game; and GOT CAUGHT. They took me to the back and handcuffed me to the storage shelves. Then they asked if my parents where there. I said, please just call the police - LOL. They called my mom, she can back and slapped me so many times I looked like a rag doll. The store manager was so worried because he knew I was going to get hurt..... But it gets better.....
They let me go. I got home and my mom said get out your cloths, I knew a spanking was coming. She came in, I still had on my underwear and a t-shirt, and she said, no everything! Then she got this belt that she had never used. It was a piece of belt they use to use to climb electrical poles. Very thick with holes in it (used to loop the pole as they climbed it). She BEAT me for 20 minutes with this. I was so covered with very red welps with holes. I was sore for days.... but I never stole again......


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