I find it interesting that the show today discussed the Obama cartoon, and then turned to the Secret. Sadly enough the community is missing the point of what the Secret is all about. It is one thing to read the comic, and find it disturbing, but it is another to put so much attention to it. As we place our attention on the outrageousness of the cartoon we are also perpetuating, and exascerbating the anger, hatred and violence. I heard one comment about how this cartoon is adding to the hatred in the world. How it can incite individuals that are prone to violence and racism. The truth is that the more attention that we place on these things, and the more we continue to discuss them, get angry about them, vent about them, and talk about creates the limitations to actually move past them. When this type of behavior shows up the best thing to do is notice it as an observer, and place our attention on the beauty, and the individuals that have been able to move past it. There are, as we have seen in this past election, individuals who have shifted, and are ready to come together in unity. We cannot grow this unity as we fight against what we do not want. We can only grow the unity as we focus on being unified. We must focus on creating real harmonious communities with all peoples. If you want racisim to disappear then you must focus on racisim disappearing. See it, and feel it happening. The only reason why you noticed the racism in the cartoon is because it exists in your consciousness. The fact that today's show was about the Secret with a commentary on the cartoon is no mistake. We are being led to take notice of our own consciousness. This is an opportunity for us to release it. This is an opportunity to let go of the limitations that we are constantly arguing for. I am not saying that we are to ignore what is happening, however in order to change it those of us that really understand the laws of the universe must lead by example and project outwards the changes that we really want to see made. I urge you to focus on what is great in the world. Change cannot come from fighting, arguing, anger or any kind of pushing against. You cannot create peace from chaos. Forcing individuals to change who they are is not the answer. It is changing who we are and how we move through the world. In the midst of love and light the rest will fall. Place your consciousness, and what you feel on what is good, and makes you smile. If you do this you create the opportunity for the rest to fall away, and you will be left with the world that you truly desire.

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Comment by Renee McRae, Poetic Motivator on February 25, 2009 at 11:41pm
Well said, my sistah!
Comment by Donah Ollila on February 18, 2009 at 8:39pm
You can choose to keep paying attention to what you do not want or you can choose to pay attention to what you do want. The universal law of attraction is this: The universe does not know the difference between what you really want or what you really do not want. The universe does not know the difference between what is good or what is bad. The universe only knows what you feel strongly about, and what you think about most. With that said, then what you think about and feel strongly about is what you create. If you are spending your time being disgusted then you will constantly create things to be disgusted about. Hence, racism will never go away. Spend time creating the world that you really want and desire instead of the world that you are not happy with. Focusing on these issues keeps it in our midst. Who is willing to and has the courage to say yes to something different? Do you think that moving away from racism takes courage? I think that it does. Are you ready to let it go within you? You are what is reflected back to you. We are creating it just as those that are showing it. There is no difference.
Comment by ronnie dawkins sr on February 18, 2009 at 6:54pm
to think that if you ignore something it will go away is not realistic. If our foreparents would have ignored racism can u imagine how blantant it would be today


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