More than 16% have genital herpes; half of Black women exposed to the disease

· About 16.2%of people in the US between the ages of 14-49 are infected with genital herpes.

· The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, released Thursday, said the rate of genital herpes -- herpes simplex virus type 2 -- is almost twice the amount in women than in men.

· According to the report, 48% of Black women have been exposed to the Herpes virus, but may not have the disease.

· In addition, the prevalence of genital herpes is 3 times higher among African-Americans than whites but is lowest among Mexican-Americans.

· African-Americans are more than 4 times as likely to be infected with genital herpes as are whites, even among blacks who have one lifetime sex partner.


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Comment by Alisonty03 on May 3, 2010 at 2:39pm
OK, if more than half of black women are exposed, then who is exposing them to the disease? Uhm, mostly black males it being a majority of black women date and have sex with black men!!!!!! So Mike, how about making that distinction a little bit more clear then you have. Or I will assume what Angie said is true!!!!!!
Comment by Tony Fair on April 30, 2010 at 3:15pm
Black people, please stop reading stats in this country, common sense should tell you stats in this country are purposely put out to view us as unfavorable, everytime i read a stat in this country, i just look at it as more negative stereotypical b******* that this country thrives on
Comment by John A. Smith on April 28, 2010 at 12:28pm
@Alexis makes a great point. Many diseases are spread on purpose. I know that some on this site view me as a conspiracy nut. They say that I have no proof of the things I post. There are many people who have researched my points and they now know the truthm. Alexis; keep the truth alive. Blessings and Love John
Comment by GreenEyes on April 28, 2010 at 6:04am
Also you can have the virus and never have an outbreak....the only way to be sure is to have a blood test to see if you have a negative titer for herpes or a positive titer. But is good to remember even with condoms, you can still contract genital herpes. If one has a break out on their stomach, thighs, genital area, it can spread from skin to skin contact. Herpes simplex virus is the genital herpes virus. It infects the skin and travels down the nerves to the base of the spinal cord where it stays for life. From time to time, the virus will travel from the spine back to the genital skin and either cause blisters and sores or just be on the skin without any symptoms. While the virus is on the skin it can be spread to a partner through close skin-to-skin contact.

Condoms work very well and do protect against the spread of herpes. But since the condom doesn't cover the entire genital area, herpes infections can sometimes be transmitted from person to person even when using a condom. It's good that you realize you don't know from whom you got herpes and when -- most people don’t and really cannot know. One in five people in the U.S. has been infected with the herpes virus and 90% of those people have no idea they have it.
Comment by GreenEyes on April 28, 2010 at 5:51am
I am an RN, 30 yrs old.....and the odds for my age group is 1 out of 4 people have some type of herpes. Either genital or herpes symplex....cold sores. It doesn't matter the race..I don't know where you got your stats from. But from my education in health care....That's wrong. ;) I have never seen it broke down by race....just age groups.
Comment by Gwendolyn Ellis on April 28, 2010 at 12:28am
@ Michael, you believe every thing you hear in those ears of yours and blast it out, it' not so, have you heard this,( believe half of what you see and never what you hear) others have all typs of diseases, they just do'nt blast it out to the world, you stop down grading your sisters,I gets a yearly check up I damn sure never had it, whats hurting you so badly,causeing you to act out, you stop it, if any female have or had it, it came from the MALE,screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam, have you had or have this thing call herpes?
Comment by Alexis Smith on April 27, 2010 at 9:35pm
I don't want to believe that we have everything worse than everyone else. There is not one category that says we are the least diseased. If they pulled the "Tuskegee experiment", and here where I lived they have made black people sterile without their permission. So what won't they do?

How is it that the strongest,healthiest people who could do the hard labor on little food supply are now the sickest?


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