Meet Your Corporate Strawman Fiction/Debtor

The Problem; The American people have been and are right now, the unknowing victim of an ingenious diabolical conspiracy of untold ramifications. Aside from the fact that Abraham Lincoln declared martial law in 1861 and took over the government and congress as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States, the United States Federal government bifurcated itself in the late 1800’s, incorporated itself and created a new constitution. The planned agenda reached near-completion by the United States Federal government failing to pay the war debt to England, declared BANKRUPTCY in 1933.

The gold backing the nations money was unlawfully called in by Roosevelt. That act altered the substance of all contracts, stopping people from obtaining lawful title to all their property, fixed or tangible. In 1965, then President Johnson, after President Kennedy was assassinated by his own agents, signed the Coinage act of 1965, altering the coinage act of 1792 for the first time, changing the definition of constitutes a dollar. In 1977, pursuant to Fidelity Bank Guarantee vs. Henwood, 307 U.S. 847 (1939); holds that 31 USC 5118 was enacted to remedy the specific evil of tying debt to any particular currency or requiring payment in a greater number of dollars than promised. Since October of 1977, there can be no requirement of repayment in legal tender either, since legal tender was not loaned and repayment need only be made in equivalent kind: A negotiable instrument representing credit.

In light of the US declared Bankruptcy, all State governors ‘pledged’ all the property of the people to the ‘States’ in support of the ‘economic’ National Emergency, and as such; all property ownership is in the hands of the state via the United States Federal Corporation, whereby the people are compelled to pay a ‘USE’ tax… to use the property belonging to the State. Consisting of; property tax, car registration, permit fees, license fees, etc. The state has “legal title” to all property while we have only an “equitable interest” in what we think we own, and that only on our “good behavior” as long as we give tribute (‘use’ taxes) to the State, they will leave us alone to enjoy life and what we perceive as “liberty”. All property in America belongs to the state, just as stated in the Communist Manifesto regarding property ownership in the States.

You do not own the ‘property’, you RENT it from the State! Don’t think so? Put the lawful ‘Title’ of your property on the table! Can’t do it… cause you do not possess them! Even your children are declared ‘Wards of the State’ which means their ‘property’ of the State! The State can take away your children and your other property away if you do not behave as the good little debtor as you are.

The Constitution has no bearing on the people, and does not operate upon the people. (Padleford vs. City of Savanna – 1854 – Georgia State Supreme Court) “… the people are not a party to it.”
Due to the US bankruptcy, in order to continue ‘economically’, U.S., Inc. created ‘corporate fictions’ via the Birth Certificates. The straw-man/DEBTORS name appears in ALL CAPS; i.e., ‘JOHN B. DOE’. Look at the SS card, the driver license, the check book, the court documents, etc. The government does deal with the so-called ‘sovereign people’. The creature (government fiction) cannot communicate to its Creator (the people). So the government had to create these millions of ‘corporate fictions’ so as to tax and collect the revenue in all its creative ways… everything but the air you breathe!

The government, in creating the “Straw-man/DEBTOR”, assigned ‘it’ a Social Security Number and presumes that we have unknowingly agreed (contracted) to be the surety (co-signer) for him. The ‘SSN’ is the ‘UCC Contract Account Number’ held with in the U.S. Treasury. There are two sides of the account, the ‘public’ side and ‘Private’ side

The government (city, county, state or fed) deals only with the ‘Straw-man/DEBTOR for any fines, fees, taxes, debts, judgments, etc. If your DEBTOR is fined, you have to pay the ‘Straw-man’s’ fine. Remember, it’s a ‘corporate fiction’, an ‘Ens legis’!

All your bills, taxes, etc., (presentments) come to our Straw-man/DEBTOR in its all capital lettered “corporate trade-name” which appears exactly like your real name. “JOHN B. DOE” (the fiction) is not the same in law as “John Billy Doe” (the flesh & blood man).

The Straw-man/DEBTOR works for the State controlled by the State and is taxed by the State. Because it was created by the government! It has no “standing-in-law” because it is a ‘FICTION’! It can sue and be sued, just look at the name on the summons or the complaint.

The DEBTOR is a trust registered under IRS Trust #62 in Puerto Rico, doing business in Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, etc., and the IRS ‘IMF’ file designates the ‘corporate activity’ assigned for the purpose of imposing the ‘income tax’! You are deemed the ‘surety’ (financial supporter) of your ‘corporate entity’ and responsible for what it does, with or without our consent… but YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL OF IT!

The Solution; It’s called REDEMPTION. A mirror application of what Christ did on the Cross…He paid the ultimate price and redeemed all the people, who accept him, his Kingdom and precepts back into his Kingdom into everlasting life.

The Redemption Process/Program approaches similarity with the ‘MATRIX’, i.e., the Public/Commercial Venue due to the U.S. Bankruptcy. POINTS to consider; 1) All lawful ‘constitutional’ money has been removed or taken away. 2) Therein; YOU have been estopped in ‘paying your debts at law’ and have NOT PAID for anything since 1933. 3) Therein; YOU have never possessed lawful ‘TITLE’ to any property you think you own. 4) YOU are compelled to perform to ‘private corporate codes & statutes’ with attached ‘monetary’ penalty to ‘fund’ government at every level. Consider it another form of a tax! 5) YOUR status has been altered to Debtor/Slave on the federal or state Plantation and you are treated as such, in some cases very ‘civily’, in others, very disrespectful…treated like dirt! 6) If you cannot be free (free will) and in control of what is yours, it’s called ‘slavery’ or ‘involuntary servitude’; ‘Pay the fine, fee or tax or go to jail’! 7) Every thing operates on a case by case basis and there is no guarantee – sorry, but that’s reality!

Back to the solution. REDEMPTION; You now ‘redeem’ back to you and take control of the Debtor, the collateral and the all the property, via the process! As principal, you have redeemed that which is yours, came from you or bears your name, or your name appears on it, etc. The ‘corporate fiction/DEBTOR is now under your control.

Through the documents created and the UCC’s file, you will have ‘public & private Notice of who the ‘Creditor’ is (You!) and you will have established ‘Superior Security Interest and Lien on all the property’… over and above everyone including the ‘State’ (as they are a fiction and being bankrupt have no standing).

Via the UCC, aside from the ‘Superior Security Interest and Lien on all the property’, your ‘Birth Certificate’ (a federal monetary instrument sold in the international market-place) is accepted for value for a certain ‘dollar’ amount and then is ‘charged back’ to the UCC Contract Trust Account to charge-up the account for the discharge of debt.

Now as the SECURED PARTY and CREDITOR, being the private banker, when you now receive ‘Presentments’ in behalf of your Debtor, you will learn to ‘Accept them for Value’ and ‘discharge’ the fine, fee, tax, debt, judgment, etc., …because THERE IS NO MONEY!

SPC’s (secured party/creditors) under necessity have and are discharging DEBTS; including but limited to mortgages, car loan contracts, federal school loans, taxes, etc., due to the fraud and breach of so-called government of the ‘Supreme law of the Land’ and causing the bankruptcy to place you into a status and condition of economic servitude and otherwise.

However, do not expect the ‘agent’ of these de-facto bankrupt military government agencies and offices (and companies and major corporations) to understand and roll out the red carpet as they see come in to discharge any ‘debt’ contracted or otherwise, including the courts!

Many times ‘they’ will go into DISHONOR, causing commercial fraud and INJURY therein giving you right to exercise YOUR EXCLUSIVE REMEDY; TORT CLAIM for their commercial fraud and dishonor in not adjusting the ‘account’ upon tender of the ‘instrument’ as payment. (See 2nd paragraph above!)

The SPC can utilize ‘Conditional Acceptance for Value’ (CAFV), a private process of resolution of issues and problems (it’s based upon scriptural concepts) and so far works every time! The conclusion of that can be sent in to notice even the courts that there is no controversy, no crime, no liability to the statute, etc.

If there is ANY dishonor or injury done to you or your ‘property’ or your CAFV ‘agreement’ by say, a prosecutor (for a court matter) or a judge is ‘disregarded’, your remedy is a Tort Claim! Not using those ‘foreign courts’!

The process of Redemption is done under necessity due to the bankruptcy, for a lawful and legal restoration of our inherent status, Rights and PROPERTY. If not, then you will remain the Debtor/slave… forever under the thumb and control of a ‘Caesar’! Is that what you want?

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Comment by Whisper Atnight on October 23, 2011 at 4:09pm


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Comment by GAIL on March 6, 2009 at 12:41am
My brother thank you for the enlightenment, we really need to realize that this is NOT OUR COUNTRY and who really is in charge. Knowledge is POWER and we have to arm ourselves. Its true, which PILL DO YOU WANT THE RED OR THE BLUE?? Like old folks used to say, TIMES A WASTING. We need to wake the f*** up.
Your sister in the struggle. PEACE
Comment by Lorenzo Robertson on March 5, 2009 at 9:18pm
Hi, Dashing Diva , Here is a video link that will break it down for you in detail about what happened when you were born (regarding the birth certificate) & your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS? -just look at your id, ss card, utility bills, court documents, ect their all in CAPITAL LETTERS & for more information & video content & how to take back control of your life & God Given Sovereign rights. I will will provide anyone with a free copy of The Redemption Manual if you learn more & do the process yourself. (116 pages) go to my site at url line & go to contact us & send email request & I will email you the manual. Also is a sample of my personal version of "Declaration of Svereignty". One you file these documents you can never be sued, fined, lein's placed on your property, no longer have to pay tax's, learn how to handle the court system, repair your credit for life, & much, much more. Read the manual! All the documents you need are in there or you can use the one on the website along with a few other document you need in the manual. Any questions you may call me at 916-643-3588 Lorenzo- God Bless you all
Comment by Lorenzo Robertson on March 5, 2009 at 2:07pm
Hi dashing Diva if you go to & veiw the strawman video it will explain the your Strawman status sweetheart


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