One of the most spiritual enlighten moments came while I was working on a paraplegic. Sometimes one wonders why one was put on this earth. Today, confirmed that I was put on this earth to heal people thru touch therapy.

It’s been three years since I worked on a paraplegic, so I knew I was walking up to not so familiar territory.

Although, I am confident in my abilities as a massage therapist, I was uncertain if my abilities as a massage therapist would make a difference in this case. For one of the only times in my career, intimidation was looming. Today, 05/08/2009, behind the door was a 65 year-old man, not so much unlike other massage clients my in 7 years of practice, except for one thing - he was a paraplegic.

At 1st I was afraid I couldn't help him. I've always been very confident in my work, but for a few moments I was uncertain. I was standing in a tropical rain forest with no map, no lamp on where to go.

When I walked through the door today and I eventually lost my uncertainty for a greater sense of purpose. Massage is my destiny. It is work from which we can offer hope, where hope has been forgotten.

I referenced my N.M.T. books from massage school and began that first session with an intake form and an assessment of the client's soft tissue. As I worked with the principles of neuromuscular therapy, I began to see immediate physiological changes happening below the level of injury.

After observing those changes below the injury site, I continued treatment on the client's hip, and leg area. I palpated a mass of scar tissue. - and began very gently to treat the ischemia and rigidity. During the treatment, the client began telling of frequent, prolonged, excruciating spasms affecting his quality of life. After this flagship session, the client reported his spasms and pain had been tremendously reduced.

As a professional massage therapist rarely do I meet clients in such discomfort. Most of my clients tend to be athletic men. I am elated that my skills taught in school, experience gained thru years of private pratice, and numerous continuing education courses, were able to relieve some of this client’s discomfort

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