Lil green men. Does life exist in other worlds?

Now I have been watching the news and the event that happened in Texas recently wherein a lot of people in a town claim to have seen a UFO. I always wonder why people do or don’t believe in such things.

I started to think if a UFO came to the U.S. today what would happen? The republicans would probably try to deport their a****. Bush would most likely claim they have weapons of mass destruction and give defense contracts to Haliburton. Hilary would likely beat the hell outta Bill for trying to boldly go where no man has gone before with Monica Martianinski. And Barack would likely call them our brothers from other mothers and get them and their delegates registered before election time. I could see it now bruhs look at the aliens and think them mofos look like they smoke much bud!Good ish too I mean look at'em. Bruhs on the block find the aliens bud stash. Bruhs do a drive by jackin of the aliens- moments later -“I got that fruit from Saturm”-tell me bruhs wouldn’t be sellin and smoking dat ish up ?! (Galactic war starts after this lol)

But seriously, most people have heard of the Roswell Incident though the first UFO’s can be interpreted in the bible there has been more and more evidence in contemporary days. And I’m not talking about the attention seeking crazy mofo’s who claim they had test done on them and all that madness. Some arew some highly credible sources .You could get all the credible sources together and the gubment still would try to disprove them all.

I’m not here to advocate or refute such things. We all have and are likely to keep our beliefs. But have you ever thought God himself could be from another world of spirit which we can’t comprehend and created us in the physical here?

I just wonder what level of understanding or beliefs others have about such things. Do you believe there are other beings? What do you think UFO’s are? Why do you think the government tries to disprove and keep them secret? What do you think the intentions of alien beings would be?

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