Oh well, we are days away from finishing yet another year. Christmas decorations will go back into their boxes, lights outside around the house and in the windows will be turned off and Christmas trees will be set out curb side. In their place will come out sheets of paper, WORD documents and IPAD lists of New Year Resolutions, with the added promise and determination that THIS year, it's "gonna get done". We barely take the time to rest from one season before we thrust ourselves and transition into another one. No wonder the rate of depression, suicide, alcoholism and violence increases at this time of year. Too much pressure and not a legal, safe and effective means of release.

Several months ago, when I found myself in the hospital emergency room and then admitted (unwillingly) into a hospital bed, I awakened to the reality of burnout, stress, weariness and hopelessness that all had taken their toll on my body. It's amazing how you can propel yourself like a steam locomotive down the tracks of every day living and not even know that the whistle is about to blow because you're running out of steam and out of track. Blessedly, those two days in the hospital led to 25 days of REST, relaxation and healing (even though I sprained my ankle while there) with my family in DC. It's amazing how God has a way of getting our attention when we don't take the time to stop and smell the roses or the coffee.

So, I thought I would stop and take a moment to add my two cents in and share some lessons learned.

Lesson one. After our God finished His masterpiece CREATION, He RESTED. Duuuuhhh, GOD rested! What makes us think we are exempt from the need to do so? Lesson two. All the "stuff" that we do, are responsible for, manage, direct and lead will get done with or without us, especially if it's the Lord's work to begin with. Contrary to our narrow mindedness or high mindedness (which ever shoe fits), one monkey (you and I) will not stop the show. Lesson three. Probably the most important lesson of all was this one, so listen and think carefully. How effective would you or I be if we are incapacitated in the hospital or worst, in the funeral home (stress, burnout anxiety, etc. are silent killers). How much kingdom work or any work for that matter, would be accomplished if our minds can't function at it's God given capacity because of the bombardment of frustration, anxiousness and worriation? Of course, the answer is obvious NOW, isn't it? We would be of no value, purpose or good to family, friends, co-laborers, ourselves or God!

Having made it through 2011 and as it comes to a close, I am determined to take time in 2012 to REST! Rest doesn't always mean going away somewhere. It can be as simple as being still and letting God be God, doing nothing but rejoicing in His goodness, waiting patiently for the manifestation of promise, and trusting God to not only do what He does best and be Who He is, but to put to REST the rest of what you and I can not do without Him!




MARK 6:30-56

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