Have you ever looked at your life path and noticed a common theme? I had an aha! moment today. Maybe not really an aha!, but a reminder. I was standing in the kitchen. I seem to spend so much time there. I was fussing about this very thing. I spend about, at least, 70% of my home time in the kitchen. I was washing dishes and making a young coconut drink with my favorite fruits. We have the sniffles moving about my house today. I wanted to give Giordana something nourishing. Next thing I knew, in addition to the drink, I was cutting up fruit for a fruit salad. I thought to myself, the drink is not enough she needs something on her stomach. Well, after the fruit salad I started making a healing soup. The simple drink grew. I have things to do…look at the time….o.k. I can use the crock pot…and then I can go out. I paused for a moment while I wiped off the counter, I smiled, I had just been kissed by the fairies. This is who I am. I make healing foods and medicines for people. Aha! I just cannot help it. I have always done it. It comes naturally to me. I made Love Is Oil to heal the heart and body butter to bring joy. As I move through the world and have experiences that touch me I create and share. When someone is sick or sad my spirit races to how I can serve them, and help them shift. There are times when I just sit still, because that is all that is needed, and others when I concoct something. Funny! I absolutely love it. Perhaps in another life I was one of those old wise women in the village that made the potions to heal all ailments. My neighbor warns people that if I invite them over for tea, “be careful you will become addicted”. She says, that” my tea is best, and why do I hide the recipe”. I tell her it is special. It truly is. I use it to welcome people into my life. I wish to warm their hearts while they are with me and send them away with soothing. Did you ever take a look at your path and notice a common theme? It is there. I promise you. I also guarantee that you will find more than one. I was kissed by the faeries today, and I am grateful.

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Comment by David J. Mack on September 17, 2009 at 4:16pm
I noticed a common theme in my life a long time ago, but never had the guts to follow it in the past.

Back in 6th grade, the one thing my teacher (Mr. Dinkins, I'll never forget you because of this) always wanted me to do was speak. He always tried to impress upon me to speak even after I left his class. Back then, it was because of my voice, which was incredibly deep for a young kid. But, over the years, as shy as I used to be, I always noticed that when I spoke, people seemed apt to stop and listen which was a far cry from the ridicule that I used to get (the name 'froggy' comes to mind) when I was younger.

All of my life, I have been fighting the urge, no, the NEED to speak my mind but was still hesitant to do it in front of others. Part of that hesitation was the ridicule of the past, and part of it stemmed from my knowledge of history and what has happened to strong black men who spoke out. Well, since Obama has become President, and through all of the nonsense he has gone through, it seems that I am more inclined to speak now than I ever have been. I no longer feel the need to censor myself, or hold back on what I feel about myself or others. (Look no further than my blog about how we, as Black people, need to hit the streets again.)

I think I have finally come to grips with myself in a way that my love for music, art, poetry, and truth can actually do some good for someone other than myself and immediate family. I've felt the need more and more to extend my family to include anyone and everyone who may stop by to listen.

So it would appear that we both have found ourselves in a position where we can help, should help, and are eager to do so. Thanks to me looking back onto my life's path, my direction, like yours, has become a lot more clear.

Here's hoping that others can find what it seems we have found. More importantly, I hope they can manage the strength needed to act upon their findings.

The best of luck to you, Sister.
Take care.


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