Jungle Fever! Caught cheating with someone of another race.

Cheating is cheating!  Or is it?  Does it hurt more if the man or woman is of another race?
The US is a very diverse country and it is getting less common that any person is of just one ethnicity.  So with American’s being of various ethnicities and then choosing to date, marry and procreate with other’s who are also multicultural or of another ethnicity, it’s likely that this is going to become more common that not!

The bottom line is, get used to it!
When you really think about “the act of cheating” it really has nothing to do with the other person no matter what the race! (Or is that a real sore spot with some?) Doesn’t it have more to do with the disconnection of those in the primary relationship and the obvious lack of communication?
So, why blame anyone other than yourself, your partner or the lack of expressing changes in needs, desires and feelings that have emerged during the progression of your relationship?
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Comment by GreenEyes on May 11, 2010 at 8:54pm
@WC2c....your comment began with "Seriously it seems like being cheated on where the other female would be Black would bother the sistas even more since most of y'all believe white females are just trash anyways. Wouldn't there be a greater sense of betrayal knowing the other female was one of your own people...one who should know the struggles of trying to build a relationship with a brotha...surely a sista would/should have more respect for another sista...HMMMMM" ARE YOU SERIOUS??? ONE OF YOUR OWN?? THAT IS WHAT THIS WEBSITE IS ALL ABOUT THE HUMAN RACE......ALL COLORS COMING TOGETHER AS ONE. WE ARE HUMAN....NO MATTER THE COLOR IF A MAN CHEATS IT'S OVER. AND I AM PART WHITE AND I WISH SOMEONE WOULD TELL ME THAT THAT MAKES ME TRASH!! I AM MARRIED TO A BLK MAN....AND IF HE CHEATED ON ME WITH A BLK ....WHITE....ASIAN....LATINA...ETC...IT WOULDN'T MATTER, IT'S THE FACT THAT HE CHEATED!!!!! THE ONLY THING THAT WOULD BOTHER ME IS IF HE CHEATED ON ME WITH AN UGLY WOMAN.....LMAOOOOOO. ;)
Comment by blackreggae12 on May 11, 2010 at 1:03pm
When someone is betrayed it doesn't matter if the person is black, white, alien , or totherwise. It hurts damn it! When one is crying or sulking, the tears don't have tans or shades of black-THEY ARE CLEAR. The intangible feeling of betrayal shouldn't matter if the brotha had a white girl or not!!!! A guy-from the comments below mention white guys cheat up and black guys cheat down....THAT IS NUTS!!!!

All in all, if a guy cheats the woman who knows he is married or in a relationship is belittling herself because SHE CAN DO BETTER!!! simple. Lets keep it that way folks..it is what it is!!
Comment by Charice Williams on May 10, 2010 at 9:53pm
I do agree that cheating is cheating and it is wrong no matter what color the person is....unfortunately it is happening more frequently so much so that ppl are starting to say or think that it is okay
Comment by mysterious on May 10, 2010 at 4:53pm
Cheating is cheating and it doesn't lessen the hurt whether he or she is blue, black, green or purple. Race does matter when it comes to cheating because ultimately it feels like a betrayal because you assume that a different race of woman will make it easier for you. But my question is to black men. How do you feel when your white woman and you are no longer together and the judge awards her money to be kept in the life style that she became accustomed to AFTER you met. She didn't earn the money before you met her and you have to keep taking care of someone you no longer care for. Place that in the same category of feelings that a black woman feels. the reason black women call them trailer trash. Black men don't cheat up they cheat down. How many successful white men do you see, running around with trailer park trash on their arm. NONE! They are more select in their choices
Comment by Theondra Green on May 10, 2010 at 4:47pm
First of all I don't discriminate when it comes to dating, and I choose to not cheat on anyone,BUT yes it does hurt more when the guy cheats with a woman of another race. This guy that I was seeing, a black man, who is a dater of white women, continuously told me that he didn't have a preference when it came to dating. However, I was and am the only black woman that he has dated since high school. After my countless efforts to get him to admit that I was not only "the one" but was indeed not "white enough" for him, I caught him with the white girl, and he's now history. It makes you a feel like you aren't good enough for them, and I know that I'm good enough for anybody's son, black or white! Yes it hurts when a man cheats, BUT when they cheat with a woman of another race, Yes it does hurt more.
Comment by Rhonda on May 10, 2010 at 3:20pm
It wouldn't matter to me if the lady was red, white, blue or green. The fact that he cheated...I wouldn't even blame the female at all it has nothing to do with her! He's the one that's cheating......
Comment by Delores Pittman on May 10, 2010 at 9:06am
Cheating is cheating regardless of the race of the other person. So, are you saying if the other woman is black you would be less angrier than if white.To me cheating is cheating regardless of what race they are from and I would be just as angry. And our relatioship would be over. I do not waste my time with cheaters.


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