Inappropriate Touching: Why parents have to talk to their kids

Surveys show that as many as 1 in 4 children have suffered some sort of sexual abuse by the time they reach 18. Statistics show that child sexual abuse crosses boundaries of race, class, culture, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality, affecting all types of communities.

Children today are around more adults on a daily basis than ever before. From childcare to sports practices to dance classes, not to mention camps and after-school programs, children are meeting and interacting with many adults on a daily basis.

That's why it is so important for parents to talk with their children — as early as age 4 — about inappropriate touching. And children even younger can begin to learn about their bodies.

What is "inappropriate touching"?

The clinical definition of child sexual abuse is inappropriately exposing or subjecting a child to sexual contact, activity or behavior. An easier way to think of it - and to teach children about it - is by contrasting "good touches" and "bad touches."

* A good touch can be explained as a way for people to show they care for each other and help each other. Examples you can give include hugging, holding hands, or a parent changing a baby's diaper.
* A bad touch can be explained as the kind you don't like and would want to stop right away, such as hitting, kicking or touching private parts.

Should you discover that your child has been inappropriately touched, as a parent it is the most important that you be an emotional support. In order to support your child, it is important that you stay calm, listen and reassure your child, make sure your child is safe, and get help.

How often are you dialogue with your child? How did you educate your child about strangers & inappropriate touching? What can you do as a parent to help protect your child?

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Comment by Evelyn Eastwood on January 28, 2010 at 10:01pm
When I was around 13 or so my sister was married to a guy that was involved in the church and this guy tried to touch me and my friends every opportunity he had. My Mom did not believe it because he was involved in the church. Keep your daughters close and trust all folks that's involved in church. We have wolves in sheep clothing out there.
Comment by shelly on January 28, 2010 at 7:34pm
My husband and i have decided that we would home school our children, we live in a world where there are too many negative influences and most are directed towards children. It's our duty as parents to protect our children the best way we know how. And that's by screening every person who have constant contact with them, as well as talking to them about inappropriate touching and talk. we as adults put our children in way too many unstable situations, kids are growing up learning how to have sex from the cradle. Mothers screen the man you think your gonna marry do a thorough background check on him, get to know his friends and family atleast 1-year before you think about having his child (should be more) but we move fast....and last but not least stop bringing strangers around our kids because they may be a good provider, good lay, and nice to you. PREDATORS prey on vulnerable lonely women just to get close to your children. most children are abused by someone they know and most cases it's someone who sleeping in their mothers bed and can be their father. we need to protect our children and teach them not to trust everyone who's kind to them PERIOD


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