How to make a woman have an Orgasm without touching her!!

I know the title caught your attention, now lets have the discussion about this. Most women would love to have their man please them from head to toe.
Now here is a secret that I have used and it works...Trust me(devilish smile)
tell me what you think...I can't wait to hear from you!!!
Imagine you are laying the bed, after having a nice glass of wine. Your man comes over to you and he glides over to you. You are laying there naked, horny and ready to get your sex on.
Your man starts at your toes and he gently blows on your close your eyes and enjoy the soft air as it goes over each one of your toes. He moves up your legs and he is still blowing. soft bursts of air going over your can feel his lips as they almost touch want him to lick your body and your ready for it. he moves up to your clit and he is still blowing soft bursts of air on it. You fell your clit swell from excitment and anticipation. But he still doesnt put his tongue on you. This drives you crazy waiting for his mouth to just eat you up.
he sees the juices flowing from you but yet he still wont touch or kiss your clit.
He now moves up to your breast and continues to blow those soft burst of air, on your nipples slowly going from tight to left. He now moves up to your neck...still blowing those soft burst of air all over your he goes to your ears, you can almost feel yourself about to explode from the teasing that he is giving you. Once he sees the nipples get really hard he goes back down to the vagina area and starts to blow again. now your juices are really if you are really into it...the orgasm will come and it will be a nice one.
See the art of four-play has become a forgotten treasure to share with our ladies. I really treasure this, This takes me back to a favorite song of mine...
I want a man with a slow hand....i want a lover who will take his time, not c** and go in a heated rush. (you know you remember the song)
Remember ladies always take time to tell your man what you really want...otherwise he will just want to stab at you instead of making love to you.
Making love is wonderful

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