If you are a MAN/WOMAN who is called to serve mankind in some PARTICULAR WAY....(some say having a calling on your life)......Then it seems LOGICAL to me that some of the major and persistent obstacles one may experience would come from a place where PRESSURE is exerted upon you to do this or that, in the interest of maintaining whatever STATUS, OBLIGATION, or DEBT... comes with a " PRE-OBLIGATION" such as would come necessarrily with any fraternal / secret society affiliation. This is not to say that there is no place for such the life of the COMMON MAN....Yet, the man / woman who has thet UNCOMMON CALL...can logiclly only be HINDERED by any OATH taken to serve a private agenda at the expense of what may be a calling !.....Again, do not misinterpret my meanings is not an attack on FRATERNITIES/SECRET SOCIETIES....but it is an ADMONITION, to see a BROADER PICTURE.....ALBEIT A "UNVERSAL PICTURE....That is where W.E.B.DOBOISE, was coming from when he rejected the FRATERNAL concept of THE was his FEAR that such a DEEPLY INTRENCHED FRATERNAL ORGANIZATION WOULD RESULT IN A BY-PRODUCT OF "BLACK ELITSM"....which would actually HINDER progress within the community as well as cause a SEPERATION between those BLACKS who were considered a part of the so-called "TALENTED-TENTH"...and the average bro/sis in the streets(working class). Dr. KING...VOICED A SIMILAR CONCERN AFTER HIS FIRST CAMPAIN TO THE NORTH...WHERE IT WAS SAID THAT DR KING, for the first time became almost DISENCHANTED WITH HIS EFFORTS..........HIS EXPERIENCE HERE , WHERE HE WAS NOT ONLY DEALING WITH THE "USUAL SUSPECTS"......(racist) BUT HERE FOR THE FIRST TIME HE ENCOUNTERED "BLACKS" WHO HAD BEEN "BOUGHT-OFF" ...BY THE POWER BASE TO DISRUPT HIS EFFORTS......AFTER HIS EXPERIENCE HE SOMEHOW REALIZESD THE POTENTIAL THREAT TO THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT MAY ALSO "COME FROM WITHIN".....and HE WOULD HAVE NO PART OF IT !...................TODAY, WEW ALSO HAVE THIS SAME THREAT.......AS I LISTEN TO SOMONE LIKE WALTER WILLIAMS, a man with a superior intellect spout such nonsense as saying discrimination should be allowed if it occurs in the area of PRIVATE BUSINESS.....I know this is a " construct" a staged opinion with certain rewards offered to the person putting it forth !.....I see why men such as W.E.B. DUBOISE.....AND DR KING AS WELL AS OUR PRESIDENT OBAMA HAS MADE THE CHOICE TO BE "PRE"-OBLIGATED "ONLY" TO THE URGINGS OF A COMITTED CONSCIENCE / THE CONSTITUTION / AND THE PEOPLE WHO ARE BEING SERVED....OH, AND OF COURSE THEIR GOD !

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