Get it up: Is your man suffering from Erectile Dysfunction? How do you convince him to get help

Millions of men in the world are suffering from impotence; in fact there has been a rapid spike in the number of impotent men in America. There is an increase of 90,000 new cases of impotence in the US every year.

The condition male impotence is defined as the condition where a man has an ongoing condition reaching and holding an erection for sexual relations - something which is thought to affect upwards of thirty million men in the U.S. from eighteen to 70 years of age. Until recently though, doctors thought it was a psychological problem although it is now believed that half to nearly three quarters of all cases are the result of physical problems.

One of the causes of male impotence includes, hardening of the arteries, which can affect the artery running to the penis so that it can’t deliver all the blood necessary for an erection. Frequently the nerves that control the blood flow to the penis can become damaged and this can also cause male impotence.

According to the Erectile Dysfunction Institute, up to 90% of all impotence cases are physical as opposed too psychological. High cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, prostate cancers or inflammations, and hormonal imbalances cause the vast majority of all cases of impotence.

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Ladies, what do you do, how do you help know men are sensitive about stuff like that!

If you have been in a situation like this what did you do and how did you handle the situation?

Post your comments and share your thoughts!

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Comment by CJfrom Jersey on July 30, 2009 at 8:33pm
I think diet is the key also too much medication can cause this or over working the gland. My man had to seek help and sure enough thats what is was. No problem now just taking it easy now. I can deal with it.
Comment by Carolyn Evans on July 30, 2009 at 7:18pm
I see no harm in discussing with your mate that you are having a hard time getting it up. Communication is the key and if you discuss it with your woman I am sure she will try to help you with the problem.
Comment by rockstar on July 30, 2009 at 7:02pm
I know if he get a good colon cleanser it will take some toxins out and I tell u it works for me.
Comment by 525inc on July 30, 2009 at 5:48pm
a woman should help her man if he has E.D. by helping him change his diet,if he consumes alcohol implore him to reduce if not ,quit drinking annd last but not lest consult a physician.If he resists and she desires to have carnal knowledge,and he won't cooperate in his rehabilition leave his behind
Comment by Denise on July 30, 2009 at 5:04pm
This issue causes some damaging esteem problems in some men. In my last relationship I attempted to discuss and help solve this problem through diet, exercise and herbal supplements. Some men just do not wish to deal with the issue, they will say it is something the woman isn't doing. As a black woman who truly enjoys intimacy in ALL aspects it is extremely frustrating to have a very limited sex life. This problem ended my last relationship because he refused to address it and became angry when I did. This affects are men at younger ages than previously. We need to stop putting all that garbage in our bodies!
Comment by Somakeaisha Kaya Mason on July 30, 2009 at 4:58pm
Hi Michael
I was married for 23 years, in 2004 my husband suffered a heart attack, prior to this attack he was having ED problems. For months at a time we didn't have sex. At frist I thought he was having an affair, he didn't sleep in the same bed, stayed up all night on the computer,or playing some game. I asked him if he was having an affair, he assured me he wasn't. I asked if he still saw me as attractive, due to the fact I had gained a little weight about 10 pounds, again the answer was the same. Finally I'd had enough being a nurse I didn't have a problem with helping him get the help WE needed to save our marriage. He again refussed to get the help. Michael, needless to say this went on for two years. I felt so depressed I wanted my marriage to subtain the test of time,I didn't want to be with anyone else I loved him and only him. Finally I had to leave this relationship or lack there of. I'm still inactive don't sleep around and still married . I know in my heart of hearts that there's someone out there for me but for now I'm enjoying the single life minus the sex dept.
Comment by jest54 on July 30, 2009 at 4:53pm
I had no problem getting help with ED. The problem I had was due to the muscle relaxers I was taking for my back injury. I take daily Cialis and our sex life has improved greatly. If I had not gone to the urologist, I would have never known my problem was due to the medication I was taking.
Comment by William McNeal on July 30, 2009 at 4:32pm
I have ED and had to get over personal esteem issues with my Dr. I have Type 2 Diabetes and medication I have has mitigated the problem. The solution is working the symptom but I'm working on the cause excess weight.
Comment by William McNeal on July 30, 2009 at 4:28pm
Well I have ED and the biggest hurdle to getting treatment was my ego and the sense that i somehow lost it. Probably did. I have Type 2 Diabetes which I found after confering with my Dr. is the major cause. ED is an esteem problem especially if you're on the hunt. I just calmed down and got on with movin on. Mac
Comment by Mr Alston on July 30, 2009 at 3:52pm
I know a lot of women don't wanna hear this; but not every man that women think have this problem, really have this problem. Women need to look at what they're contributing and bringing to the bedroom in these relationships as well. For instance, why do they think their man goes out and can cheat with another woman if he really have this problem. Why don't they feel that they need to keep themselves in shape and healthy as well. It amazes me how many women will say how cut up and fit a man have to be in their desires for a man, and they don't come close to matching what they're asking for. Don't they know we want a woman that's cut up too. We definitely have to agree that we're not gonna perform at forty-five (45) and fifty (50) as we did in our twenties; and why would we want to anyway? Lots of things change in life with age; and believe it or not how we really feel about family, health, careers and sex (not necessarily in that order) plays a big role in our lives...Now I agree the cure is not a pill; it can be as simple as someone that's younger or older than yourself and understands you when it comes to intimacy...(just my opinion) Mr. Alston


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