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Why so little anger towards women that cheat? Or, abuse their men, for that matter? Sticking to the topic at hand, there is more outrage that Tiger cheated than the fact that so many women are willing to drop trow just to be with a famous guy? We all know of the hideously ugly celebrity that has women throwing themselves at them. What of them? I've been in many situations where a celebrity enters a room, and women can't sit still, and half of them are married!

I know for a fact that women do as much, if not more cheating than men do. In my line of work, i see it almost weekly. Women away from home, be it vacations, whatever, cheat like you know what! I mean, clearly married! So, how is there no outcry for the damage this does to your gender, ladies? Men have a tight grip on reality when it comes to these things, but it seems women (not all, for the sensitive types) like to play the victim role, or the blame game. Wouldn't be so many women unwed mothers, and women on Judge Joe Brown if you simply admitted your role in much of how your lives turn out, and the way men behave or treat you.

Cheating is a double-sided sword, here. Those women know these actors and athletes are married, but few, if anybody, has anything to say about them. Maybe each gender needs to check it's own from within.

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Comment by Blkintellectual Property on December 11, 2009 at 12:43pm
Men invented cheating, but women perfected it, lol. Its always taken two to tango, the difference is women can no longer pretend like they were just seduced! Now they say they were lied to!


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