Double Standards in the workplace. Are there obvious double standards where you work.?

I was once Vice-President of a Professional Sports Team. The owners were not happy with our good success although we had not won a championship so they go out and hire someone that supposedly is going to get them a championship. Yet this person had no credentials within a team's front office. He was hired despite 0 credentials and I was totally overlooked for this position and eventially fired by this individual. He took the team completely down to the point that they are the worst team in this sport presently. At the time I was furious but elected to just move on. Has something like this ever happened to you and what did you do about it. To this day, I wish that I had. To make matters worst. I am Black and this individual is White. Although I am not a racist, this was a clear case of a double standard. I'm being vague, but this is a very popular sport and team scenario.

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Comment by Sasha on May 29, 2009 at 4:51pm
Well thanks for the complement on the photo. But that pic is not me. It’s actually from a collection of African American arts that I find every striking and stunning. I don’t put my pic up on web blogs because I work in network security for the government and I understand the dangers of placing myself on display to users on line. I witnessed a woman be hunted down by a guy that saw her pic in a dating sight. So I make sure I keep my identity confidential.

But, I’m very shocked to learn you where the VP of the Detroit Lions. It’s amazing the people you’ll meet while on these social networking websites. Some co-workers of mine and I where talking about the Lions not to long ago. Along with discussing the future of the Dallas Cowboys (my favorite football team, next to the Houston Texans.). If you haven’t guessed by now I’m from Texas (LOL).

I think that god has a way of blessing us in spite of the messes we’re in. To me, based on what I’ve read in your post it just seemed like being VP for the Lions was emotionally, possibly spiritually and mentally draining for you. Almost like no matter what you did to assist the time, the alumni probably was never satisfied. And by god moving you from that messed up situation, he was able to guide you onto a different path (the one in which you’re current enjoying). And in doing so it allowed the Lions to see what they’ve missed out on by letting you go (god works in mysterious ways doesn’t he). Everything happens for a reason, and everything has a time, a place and a season. We may not understand it at that moment in time, but when we look back on the events that transpired in our lives we completely understand the saying “Hind-sight is always 20/20” is so true. And I will make sure to check out your website. I grew up listening to the Ohio Players, Chaka Khan, Morris Day, and Isaac Hayes (may his soul rest in peace).
Comment by Larry Lee and Back In The Day on May 29, 2009 at 9:31am
Hey Sasha in some ways I wish that I had done what you did initially and that is go off, but I caught myself and a couple of things entered my mind. One I know that they think that is only way a black man would react, and secondly, I'm not perfect but I try and live a God filled life and the verse vengence is mine said the Lord kept blasting in my head therefore I did nothing but walk away. To make matters worse, with my credentials I should have been hired somewhere else in the league and never got a second chance. I'll tell you, it's the NFL I was VP of the Detroit Lions during the Barry Sanders years etc we were good but hadn't won a super bowl. The owners bring in Matt Millen and he takes the team down to last year they didn't win a game all season 0-16. That's never been done in the history of the NFL. The moral for me is that scenario forced me to invest into me. I am a partner in a private equity firm and I have been a professional bass guitar player for more than 25 years. I started a band 6 years ago and I have shared the stage with Brian McKnight, Chaka Khan, Isaac Hayes, Gap Band, Morris Day, and Ohio Players just to name a few. God is good. If you get the chance check out my website Keep fighting the fight Sasha and God Bless. I'm a happily married man, but I got to tell you that your photo is banging. lol
Comment by Sasha on May 28, 2009 at 5:06pm
While I was active duty military. I was an E-4 (or Third Class Petty Officer, U.S. Navy) stationed onboard a combative vessel during the beginning stages of our nations assault on Iraq. I was given more responsibilities within our work center. Now, I’m not going to say that I was the most ‘squared away sailor’. I had my flaws like anyone else; but I wasn’t one of the worst either. And one thing I can say for myself both back then and now is that I’ve always knew my job inside out. I may have stayed in trouble (LOL); but no one could dispute my knowledge in my specific field of communications concentration.

As time went, I proved myself worthy of becoming a second class petty officer; in which in the Navy we have to take what’s called an “Advancement Exam” to achieve the next rank. This test determines (based on your score and available ‘slots’) if you’ll make it to the next rank; which for me would have been E-5 (Second Class Petty Officer). Mind you, I hadn’t gotten in any trouble, I’d been on time to work for the last past year and a half and I’d pretty much redeemed myself through training given and qualifications; our division Master Chief was so proud of my progress. Make a long story short, I wasn’t granted the evaluations scores I needed to be eligible to take the exam to make it to the next rank, and my score was so low that it would have taken me two test cycles to even be eligible to take it the test again. And by that time, would have transferred to another command and would have had to start the evaluation process all over again (making me ineligible for another year).

I was livid! I lost my cool and cursed out everybody in the d@m work center, I almost cursed out my Chief Petty Officer, but I caught myself because that would have won me a one way ticket to see the ships Captain (and that’s not good). I gathered my things, whipped my tears and I prayed. I asked god what I needed to do to handle the situation because I found out that this white guy (not to be racist) received a higher score on his evaluation than myself and he’d been to Captains Mass for a DUW that he received while out on liberty (which at that time was an automatic disqualification for advancement). Their justification for giving him the high scores was that “he’s a good sailor and he knows his job”.

So what I did was, I requested to speak to the Captain on the issue, but it was brought down to an Executive Officers Inquiry (or XOI). Because when an E-4 challenges their entire chain of command it makes not only the ship, but the Captain look bad. Due to the fact that I had grounds to file an EO (Equal Opportunity) complaint and get everyone in some serious trouble. After the dust settled and the fangs and claws where put away; I was given another evaluation (the right score that I should have received) and I was able to take the exam. Only thing is, I still didn’t make Second Class until I left the command I was at (dam if you do and dammed if you don’t I guess). And that’s my soap box for the day.


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