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Oddly enough, women can profit from scandal, yet men cannot. From the Chris Brown saga, OJ, and now Tiger. Nobody wanted Rhianna's career to end. We still don't really know what happened, all we know is everybody hates Chris Brown. Sure, "No man should ever put his hands on a woman!" but that is often regurgitated by a woman that would quickly lay hands on a man, then complain about the consequences.

Celebrity and athlete cases are no different. The mistress can make bank by just outing her lovers. Then, the "Get paid, girlfriend!" groupies come out. Why is the end result always money? Why does a woman view every misdeed with a monetary sum? Broke people cheat, and they aren't always owed a house. Hell, you wouldn't want THAT house! LOL!

If 12 women can come out about Tiger, get book deals, agents, lawyers and 7 figure settlements, doesn't it damage the image of what women have fought for? Should these women get rich, simply from being some married man's weekend thing? Is money always the reason women date these guys, or what they need to get over what has happened to them? Does these women getting rich or famous even offend women. If so, why?

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Comment by Mz.Suz on December 11, 2009 at 2:11pm
They say America is a women country. I know it ain't a black man country. which makes me wonder the enemy (satan ie the devil got something against black men cause this happens alot to black men. What I do know is we all go through junk. I've learned to keep standing in the face of adversity. Not by being violent but walking in love. Left field?
Comment by Blkintellectual Property on December 11, 2009 at 12:39pm
Que in the Blu Cantrel and Kanye sounds, lol. I find it amusing that all these women suddenly catch a conscious and want to tell the story about how they feel bad for the wife. Where was your conscious when you were sleeping with him. Many of you saw him more than once!


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