Cows Are NOT the Only Thing Being Milked

In my attempts to help I sometimes overwhelm with a vision that is too large, like trying to read a book from across the room. I see the error of my approach so I am going to attempt to zoom in if you will. My area of focus why milk of course!

If you wanted to setup a system where you received multiple returns on your investment are there any constructs under which this could occur? You would need to ensure that it was not obvious that despite the outcome you benefit, for surely that is not something that would go over well. In other words it would have to be self sustaining. You could not put your hands in it or it would become very clear very quickly that the system is not designed for the mass but for the benefit of a very small pocket of individuals or families. Set it up and walk away, perfectly designed.

Step 1 – Create rules and penalties for violation of said rules

Step 2 – Create a holding facility for violators of rules

Step 3 – Make the means to violate the rules easily accessible

Step 4 – Set rules in place that make one violation almost certainly lead to more violations

Step 5 – Turn on machine

Right now those steps probably seem generic but please allow me to lay the foundation. Step 1 create rules; let’s use the drug war for our example. This is very straightforward, possess anything on the list of ‘illegal’ drugs and there will be consequences. Those will not only be felt short term but for years to come. So this is where the cycle begins drug law violation = jail time, but what exactly does jail time mean for ALL parties involved? It’s obvious the offender will have his freedom taken but what about the other side? Someone benefits from this, no? Prisons are increasingly privatized so they make money based on the number of inmates. So there step 2 house criminals and collect fee for housing them. Additional monies can be made by using the prison population as a cheap labor force…..its win win for the facility provider.

Upon release from said facility the violator will then be expected to immerse themselves back into society, only this sounds much easier than it actually is. The offender is subjected to listed the intimate details to any person/company they wish to be employed by. Understandable from the employers’ perspective but certainly you can understand why the applicant may be hesitant to reveal information that may bar them from employment. That being said there is a reason drugs are readily available and illegal. It makes it exponentially more difficult to take a low paying job, when you have unlimited earning potential when dealing with illegal activities. The percentages of repeat drug offenders tells you all you need to know, that trying to integrate one’s self back into society is very difficult.

This usually the part where certain folks feel like this doesn’t apply to them, I’ve got news if it doesn’t apply it soon will. The machine was setup originally to handle one group specifically, but upon further review it has clearly been decided to upgrade the software to encompass more candidates. I can illustrate if necessary but pretty much they were looking for one skin color on ‘the milk machine’ 1.0, since then there have been several changes!

Original designs call for most of the machine to be filled with people of the same color, since then the 2.0 design has been re-written to include other ‘shades’. I know I know still not you huh? Well I can assure the upgrades continually occurring the latest will include anyone trust me. You may think you are out of reach but trust they want it all and this is very efficient means of destabilizing certain groups. I’m looking at you next group, because you guys look the part but you don’t fit with their social-economic agenda. You too will be milked. I know that sounds ugly and that’s intentional, I can’t think of a better way to illustrate how one group can control another whilst never being seen.

Think you’re on the outside go to work daily guy? NO way! In fact they get a cut from your s$%t off top, blatantly and illegally. Either you are on their team or you’re getting milked period. The question now becomes which will happen first; the milk dries up or the milk revolution?

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