Childless Women: Are you full of regrets or having the time of your life?

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Comment by Careyn on May 24, 2011 at 11:30am

I have ABSOLUTELY no regrets about my decision not to have children. It does confuse some people tho - most expect since you have a uterus you should be bearing children - like it's a rite of passage for all women. I've had strangers ask me some of the most bizarre questions ... Do I hate children?  Was I molested as a child? Am I afraid of ruining my figure? Don't I feel guilty about not giving my man a child? Those bold and insane questions never stop amazing me. For some it's still hard to comprehend a woman making a choice not to be a mother. I absolutely love children and have had several friends ask me to be their child's godmother. Especially after they saw how seriously I took that role with my godchild.


Just because a woman chooses not to have a child - doesn't mean it's anything deeper than that. I've been taking care of kids since I was a kid - and I'm still raising my 3 brothers. I had enough experience as a young girl being the back-up mom. I'm more than happy playing/hanging with my friends kids and returning them at the end of the day. Absolutely no regrets at all!

Comment by CHERYL (BKA) Natural Beauty on May 24, 2011 at 10:25am
A little bit of both.

When you don’t have kids you can go and come as you please, do nothing but take care of yourself, and be free to make money and waste money on yourself. But when you have kids, it’s not about you anymore. But with having regrets, some women do because the older you get you realize that being a complete woman you are suppose to bare and reproduce children and no matter your career and money status, if you don’t have children then it plays a big part in your  future and ending.


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