Checking In: I have a Problem with Your Nosy Friends and Family

Gossip is the primary reason why most people become nosy people. It seems as though since the beginning of time, people have had this inane tendency to want to know everything about another person's life. You see this in movies, in the tabloids, and on the news; but this type of behavior should NOT be something you put up with in your relationship.

It is a given that friends are supposed to tell each other what is going on in each others' lives, and it is
understandable that friends will pry and ask you questions about your personal business at times. However, where do you draw the line when your partner's friends & families are TOO NOSY???? The best way to protect yourself from their nosy friends is to distance yourself as far as you can from them. This may be difficult for people who have known each other for a long time.

Another way to deal with nosy friends is to confront them. Full-on confrontation in front of a group of
friends is embarrassing and can counter the gossip that has been spread about you. When a nosy friend

is exposed in a group, their smartest move is to back off and retreat since that friend obviously does not want to give anyone else the opportunity to say anything about them. If distance does not work, then is this the way to go?

Are you dating someone whose friends or family is always in your business?

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Comment by KKHoliday on January 27, 2010 at 7:23am
I handle my family with a long wooden spoon. After, 5 years no one from my family has been invited to my home. Most don't have my address or know where I live. When you have messy family you learn how to deal with them. If Child wants to visit we go and visit. She knows they are not invited to visit us.
Comment by Ms. For-realness on January 26, 2010 at 10:38pm
This is a topic that I feel strongly about. I simple loathe the thought of people prying where they are not wanted. That goes from the paparazzi who harrass the rich and famous, down to those who don't seem to have a damned thing to do but stay in other peoples business. This type of behavior is never beneficial to any type of relationship. It is only and always detremental, and will repeatedly be the destruction of any relationship. I beleive that a relationship is between two people. That is it. God is the only one who should be a part of any relationship. I have had personal experience with these types of people. There have been those, who, no matter how detremental to the relationship their prying was, continued to do so. Consequently, the relationship failed due to the contant prying. I mean we had no privacy whatsoever. I, at that point began to understand what celebrities felt like when trying to live normal lives. I realize that this sounds like an exaggeration, but beleive me, it is not. These people started moving in what seemed to be damned near stalker mode. The person who I was supposed to be in the relatonship, seemed not to mind the constant prying. Well why would he? They seemed to paint the picture that they were there attempting to help him in the best interest of the relationship. But the entire time, their whole mission was to feel that they had the ability to stir up confusion in someone else's life, at any given time. He could not see the truth. But I removed myself from the situation. Now, he professes to be miserable without me in his life. Well wasn't that the main objective of the people prying. Well they made him miserable. I am happy understanding why it didn't work. I guess that it just goes to show that misery loves company, but I am not into being in the company of miserable people.
Much respect.
Comment by Destin Dorothy Weatherton on January 26, 2010 at 5:37pm
Don't answer da phone when they call & deal with them with a long handle spoon. I was taught that if u stay on the phone more than 30 mintues with them, then they are making up lies. In due time u will get a chance to tell them how u feel about them all in ur grill and not paying none of ur bills. Stop holding that stuff in, let it out, this is a free country, u can tell anybody how u feel long as u are not threathing them like they be doing me. As I stated b4 tell them da truth when u do tell them about being in ur business,


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