I read today that for the first time since stats have been collected on household formations in America. The majority of American households are now being headed by single mothers. This information was enlightening to me. I’m an investor in Charlotte, NC. I purchase and sell single family housing in the Charlotte, NC. metropolitan area. Most of my sells are done by a contract which is also known as “rent to own”. I will be discussing this form of home buying in greater detail. I believe the this is one of the best ways to purchase a home if you’re having trouble coming up with the down payment or have less than stellar credit. As the new face emerges of the RE investor after the market crash, I believe that the mission of investing will be different .The new investor must be engaging to his clients needs. They will also need to be experts at least in the local real estate market.We believe that every house is built for a family and every family should own their home. It is a matter of matching house to family and family to house. I have focused my information to the single mother needing to purchase a home for her family. I will be using video and blogging to provide information on the process of home purchasing. These videos will provide information and explain terms that you will need to be familiar with as well as the process of home hunting, negotiating the contract with seller or realtor and signing real estate documents, to making the application for the mortgage. I will discuss the difference between buying foreclosure, shortsales, existing homes and from builders. The most important thing I would like for you to know and remember is that the information provided is just that, it is not intended to advise you or be the final authority on the subjects discussed. I will always say that your specific situation may be different so always seek legal advise from an attorney or tax consultant before entering into any deal or contract.

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