Brick House Granny: Are women over 40 in better shape then women under 40?

Question of the hour? Are women over 40 giving the youngsters a run for their money?

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Comment by The Gemini Project (Marvin Reid) on June 28, 2012 at 10:39pm


Comment by Thanos on June 14, 2012 at 12:25pm

Are there some 20yr olders who look worse than 50 year old women? Absolutely! But do 50 yr old women overall look better than 20 yr olders? No way!

Comment by Thanos on June 14, 2012 at 12:01pm

And I know 51 yr olders who haven't seen their toes in twenty years.  With modern medicines and newer diets many older people are in good shape but overall in better shape than their younger counterparts? No way!  If anyone went to a mall, supermarket, or beach and lined up the first fifty women who entered the mall over forty vs the first fifty twenty somethings it would be no contest.  There is a reason why people compliment 50 yr old women by saying they look 35. Because overall younger women look better.  I don't know where these people live with the over abundance of out of shape young girls but I live in South Florida and the beaches , clubs, and malls here are packed with fine twenty year olders.

Comment by Thanos on May 10, 2012 at 5:53pm

Its all a cycle. women who didn't look good twenty years ago are claiming they are fine now that they are fifty. Twenty years from now the women being criticized today will claim they look better. Its all a product of our overweight society. Its not that older women look better. Its because younger women look worse!!

Comment by Thanos on May 10, 2012 at 5:48pm

Its just a cycle. The young women that everyone are criticizing now will be the same ones 20 years from now saying they look better in their 40s.  Because this is a site made up of primarily older people there is a tendency to compare the best of the 40 year olds against the worst of the younger women. The reality is that there are plenty of busted 40 and up women out there.  Today's younger women are just a product of our overweight, unhealthy times. At the going rate twenty years from now when the average woman weighs 200lbs the 170 pounders will roll their eyes and say they look better. With each passing generation it gets worse and worse and the bar gets lower and lower. Finally any woman who claims she looks better in her 40s, 50s, and 60s than she did in her 20s is just confessing that she was busted. Biologically a woman's body is in her prime in her late teens to mid thirties. Everything from skin texture to muscle tone is at its peak during those years. Any woman who's body looks better in middle age was either an ugly duckling or has had plenty of surgery.

Comment by D. Alston on April 6, 2012 at 9:02am

Wow!  Being a school bus driver and seeing these young girls wearing tights with guts like old white men, I would have to say "yes!"  A lot of women over 40 look better than the ones under 40. 


They don't have gym class anymore.  Girls don't want to "sweat."  They don't want to get their hair "messed up."(sisters)  And a lot of people don't like to exercise.(Why I don't know)


So when you start getting diabetes, colon cancer, high blood pressure and you're ONLY 18, remember what I said.  If you don't exercise, YOU DIE!!  Early!  I cycled for 18 years.(rode 100,000 miles).  Been a serious rope jumper for the last 13 years.  And still going strong. 


If you want to live long, exercise long.  Er.


Also, don't compare Vivica Fox to "regular" women.  She's got money, lives in L.A., probably has a personal trainer LIVING with her and eats the best food available!  She ain't in the 'hood!

Comment by Ms. Lisa on August 5, 2011 at 12:58pm

I'm almost 50 and fabulous!  Just look at me.  LOL. 

I'm a product of the 70's & 80's; We played outside, jumped rope, danced, ran, played all types of games. To see someone overweight when I was a kids was an anomaly, it wasn't normal. 

Today, in order for a young person to do all the things we did in front of our house, they would have to have a gym membership and attend all the classes offered.  This is sad because this country continues to balloon out of control where our weight and health is concerned.  Nobody wants to move anymore.  It's easier for women and men to go the plastic surgeon and get it sucked out, tucked in, reshaped, filled out more, thus having fake boobs, eyes, jaws, butts (Brazillian butt lifts are off the charts), fake lips, etc.  Nothing we see in magazines and in Hollywood is "Real".  Airbrushed is an understatement. 

Our young men and women must focus on making healthier choices and staying active or becoming active if they are not.  That's the only way they are going to combat diseases as they age.  20 years from now, when I'm well in my 60s, I think we're going to see a whole lot of beat down, run down and horrible looking 40-somethings.  Hell, we'll probably be taking care of them for all of those chronic diseases that 80-year olds are fighting today. 

Comment by Ed Hawkins on March 24, 2011 at 5:47pm
let me say it again since brother Thanos up in the cheap seats didn't hear me.  The older, mature queens are knockin' it out of the box with no stops!  The finest women I've ever seen period are older women.  Yes there are some bangin' younger sisters out there and no diss to them but they have to go along ways to out fine some of these mature sisters who've been carrying the beautiful torch for years.  And some of us older brothers ain't no slouches either, just take a gander at my photo and that ain't photoshopped jack what you see is some of what you get since my best attributes aren't photographable.  You know the stuff you only get in living color,Yo!
Comment by Thanos on March 24, 2011 at 4:38pm
NO NO NO NO NO!!! Women over 40 are giving some 20 year olds a run for their money only because with the over weight situation in America the quality of a lot of younger women has gone down.  True there is the occasional starlet who has used plastic surgery to regain her youth. Vivica Fox is one of them but there is a reason Sports Illustrated, Smooth, Maxim, and every major beauty contest is filled with 20 years olders and not 40 year olders.  An attractive 20 yr older beats an attractive 40 yr older every time. The Halley Berrys of the world are an anomoly.  Go to any beach and who are the guys looking at; young girls!!  At the family reunion the guys are sitting around checking out little cousin Jackie who's now 25 and if a guy says differently its probably because he can't even remember what it feels like to touch the skin of a twenty year old woman because the last time he did was when he was twenty himself.
Comment by underthewind62 on October 28, 2010 at 8:29pm
Yes!!!!! we most definitely do. I have seen 20 yr olds and i'm blowing them out of the water,. it's all about how you have taken care of yourself for your entire life into your 40's . SO YES we most definitely have the yungins beat. SO over 40 here. FABULOUS AND LOVIN ME!!!!!


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