I swear this feels like nothing more than a very well conceived board game. Am I alone in feeling we are completely missing the point of being here? From what I can gather we are here to amass green rectangles….that seems unbelievable to me. That’s it? Nobody else feels like that would be a complete waste of time? So we are born to collect things? All questions I cannot shake. Perhaps if I were a person of wealth I would not feel this way. I feel like I’m trying to read a book with it pressed again my face! I can see the words but I am unable to decipher them, very frustrating indeed.

Is this some type of overly elaborate board game? As is stands now it would seem folks have reserved themselves to not asking why. Certainly I can understand that line of thinking since there are no definitive answers, but how can we allow that to dissuade us from even pursuing the knowledge. There are a number of mysteries left on our planet that we cannot focus on due to the need to amass rectangles. For me this is simply unacceptable. I will not just follow these mundane patterns day after day with no hope of breaking this cycle of hopelessness. This is it huh, just run around and grab as many green rectangles as you can before your time runs out…..

Well that certainly sounds like the rules you would apply to a board game, not how you should live your life. I am not suggesting I have uncovered the meaning of existence merely that I am constantly looking. I refuse to become a complacent robot like being, fixed on amassing rectangles. It is natural to fear the unknown I get that, but we cannot let fear force into falling back into familiar patterns. We need to start asking questions starting with, why? The journey is not about the destination is about the questions we will ask along the way. Perhaps we can reach whatever goal we are here to reach, simply by asking the right questions…….

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