Are men open to dating unemployed women?

Let's face it....times are hard. Millions of people have lost their jobs because of the state of the economy. Some are very fortunate to have employment while those have lost theirs. Losing a job is no doubt a hard hit in many ways. Your confidence is down. Your finances are challenged. One sometimes get discouraged from looking for jobs after awhile due to constant unresponsive resume submittals. Through it all though, we learn to be still live and make it through until things pick up again. Until you get that job with the salary and benefits you seek. U may start collecting unemployment, come up with a side gig to pay the rent or a combination of both.

Women put so much pressure on wanting to find a working man, which we should seeing as how he is supposed to be in a position to be the head or at least working toward it. This appears to be more acceptable but I have heard many brothers cut off a woman instantly when he finds our she isn't working. She may unemployed but she is holding it together. She's stretching those unemployment checks to cover the basics, beginning or going back to school for higher education, using already existing talents or creating new ones to make money on the side to take care of business. Isn't this admirable? This exhibits her independence and strength in taking care of home. But their not praised for this. These are still great women who have struck hard times and are in the valley for but a moment but not for long. And their discarded because they don't have a J O B. It's one thing for a woman to purposely decide to stay home and mooch off of whom ever she can or live on gov't assistance...I wouldn't want them either....U want someone with a goals, passion, and drive. There are those women who possess these traits but hit a ditch and are working their way out. They may have just had to start back at square one or step back a few notches. And they don't ask men for one red cent. They struggle all on their own. And do it with pride. There's women with great jobs...mid to high paying salaries, big homes and a stock portfolio and their NUTS!!!! Then you have Monique who is has 1 maybe 2 kids, lost her job, collecting unemployment, looking for work and going to school with a great head on her shoulders. And she's paying her bills regardless of her challenges. Give them a chance too!

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Comment by Richard McDonald on February 6, 2010 at 10:56pm
I'd say we are. The drawback would come if she expected to be supported, just because we're dating. I'd have to be in a relationship to want to do that; assuming I had the means.
Comment by Barbara Holland on February 6, 2010 at 10:26pm
I think, if u r taking care of your business n he see u as someone who is trying 2 do something with your life, he may see you that there is something in you that could be good for him. but only a real man would see that not one who need something from
Comment by ANSTEY PINDER on February 6, 2010 at 1:59pm
nothing wrong with dating and unemployed woman. well i dont have a problem with it.
Comment by Fashionique on February 2, 2010 at 8:10pm
I concur:)
Comment by Vanz Council on February 2, 2010 at 7:41pm
Don't worry ladies men will date anyone they are attracted to employed or not. People tend to tell you what they think you want to hear, just ask any single stay at home mom. Women have more problems with broke men than men with broke women. History says men should provide but in todays world everyone must chip in, but people are having a hard time adjusting to the change.
Comment by Fashionique on February 2, 2010 at 2:25pm
wow, WC2c...I disagree and this is my whole point. Just because a woman isnt working doesnt mean she will be a strain on a prospective boyfriend. Sure u may not be able to travel, dine and do many other things as much but is that what a relationship all abt? What abt quality time in other ways? She can make him dinner, give a massage, go to the show sometime and assuming she wouldnt be always treating but he would foot the bill some as well. Again, If a sister is holding it down regardless...her bills are being paid, shes putting gas in her car and feeding her kids and not asking him for his help, why doesnt she deserve to date? She is looking for work and not propud of her situation at the moment but she shouldnt be judged by this primarily....we all know wome, especially black women, have their struggles but we always manage to keep it together...everyone needs love and this is for real...not in a perfect world. You can still prioritize while desiring someone..and the six month things? thats crazy.....get to know a woman and what she is about as she could be a good woman and he could be missing out.....whatever happened to helping one another to progress and strive rather than judge? All women arent looking to be set up by a man.
Comment by Derrick on February 2, 2010 at 2:42am
Sasha, I can tell you are a beautiful woman and I appreciate your responses to my blogs and other blogs. But you need to lighten up. You are, sometimes, too serious in your statements. My comment was meant for fun. Learn the difference in what is fun and what is serious.

I can blog about things I have experienced and turn them into fun things and I can also blog about things I have experinced and turn them into real, serious things that need a true response. When I'm blogging and useing scriptures I am real and serious. Read my other blogs so that you will know when I am having fun and when I am serious. It is not difficult to tell the difference.

My comment here was in jest, but my reference in this comment to one of my other blog was of a serious nature. I have experienced both sides. That is how I know the difference. Was I serious when I mentioned she will throw you out the window? No. It was in fun.

I would love to discuss scriptures with you because then we can learn from one another. But don't confuse my having blogging fun with my beliefs.

Read my other blogs so that you will know I come here to have fun, as well. You might be surprised?!
Comment by Sasha on February 2, 2010 at 12:01am
I can’t believe what I’m seeing? ‘Once the check roles in guess what happens’? Is this what some black men are stooping too?

Look unemployed or not, if you do right by a good woman (an woman who has values and understand what it takes to make a relationship work) she’ll treat you good regardless of if she has ‘one kid’ a job , in between jobs or unemployed. Bottom line, may she have a full time, part time, or no job at all; what you see is what you get. These women will treat you in the manner that she treats all men who cross her path, and you my friends will be no different from the last brother she dated.

“Light up Sneakers’ Derrick? Serious? Aren’t you the same brotha who comes here posting about the bible and how people should treat one another (live their lives) according to the scripture? Now, what does the bible say about your philosophy on dating unemployed women with kids?
Comment by Derrick on February 1, 2010 at 10:52pm
The truth is, the best and most loyal girlfriends are the ones unemployed. They can love a man to death and never, ever treat him less than a king. Even better, the woman with one child. Fellas, find you a woman that is single with one kid, going to school and preferably living in the projects. She is so beautiful and sexy. Now let me tell you why. Come over, treat her to dinner every now and then, take her to the movies, because she probably doesn't get out too often. Pick up junior a happy meal or a lap-top once in awhile, get him some sneakers that light up, throw him on a pair of Jordans. Throw a couple of steaks in the frige, you the man. She gonna love you long time. Do these little things over a stretch of time. Next, put in a flat screen TV and DVD. When she get her little attitude leave and take the remotes with you. You won't even make it to the elevator. Your gonna find out how good she cooks. Make you think your grandma is in the kitchen.

SO GO AHEAD, Enjoy that unemployed beauty and live it up, cuz when the classes are over and the pay checks start to come in guess what's gonna happen. But don't worry, there's another cutie right next door who just started her classes and junior needs a new pair of shoes. But don't be an idiot, take your flat screen TV and DVD with you. No since in doing everything all over from the start. After all, she workin' now.

Now pay attention to the differences of unemployed women which is, an unemployed woman and the woman who is just between jobs. The woman just between jobs might just toss your azz, your flat screen TV and your DVD out of one of those high rise windows, together with those funny little lit up sneakers.

Check out my blog, WHY!!! why, why, why?
Comment by Emeka on February 1, 2010 at 9:12pm
I don't have a problem dating an unemployed woman,done it before,but be careful,when she gets gets back to her old ways when she gets that big time job,it happened to me,it was like everything changed after she got back on her feet.Major attitude and behaviour changes


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