The Pan-African community; not people, our community is a World.

Apartheid is alive and thriving in the hearts of white youth living in South Africa. Their frustrations grow daily, and they relentlessly scapegoat the ANC for all of their grievances. It must be nice to control 70% of South Africa's wealth (stolen land, diamond mines, labor, beautiful beaches, etc.), make up only 17% of the population, yet cry about being the victims of African National Congress (ANC) post Apartheid policies. Yes, the sons and daughters of Apartheid are as rotten, spoiled, and evil as their ancestors, and they have NO INTENTION OF REDISTRIBUTING THE STOLEN WEALTH, JOBS, INEQUITY IN HOUSING AND EDUCATION, AND ENDING THE ILLEGAL OCCUPATION OF LAND, WHICH ENABLES THEM TO LIVE IN PALACES, WHILE BLACK SOUTH AFRICANS LIVE IN SQUALOR. If it were not for Mr. Julius Malema's tireless efforts to instill fire and brimstone into South African youth, the white bigot minority would have a chance to re-install Apartheid. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT ; THE HATRED OF BLACK PEOPLE IN SOUTH AFRICA IS AS VICIOUS AS EVER ! "Mandela yesterday, and Mugabe tommorow" is the sentiment being spread by Julius Malema, whose rhetoric has electrified Black youth into reclaiming what is rightfully theirs, "by any means necessary."

I've recently talked with young, South African bigots. They have close ties to white AND Black ANC officials, and they have NO REMORSE OR FEAR OF REPRESSION FOR THE RACIST JOKES, STATEMENTS, AND SENTIMENTS THAT THEY OPENLY EXPRESS. The Black leaders in the ANC are looked upon as nuisances to be tolerated, and not feared. They openly joked about how cotton was stuffed into the anus of slaves that suffered from dysentery. Dysentery causes diarrhea, and it was a clear indication of sickness that would render the slaves as less valuable. They also joked about female rape, and about how Blacks with gray hair had their hair dyed black in order to make them look younger. All of these atrocities are fodder for many jokes amoung white South African Youth. One of the Boers even remarked that "he could care less how the open bigotry of South African youth affects the upcoming World Cup championship." He said that " [he] will be glad when it's all over", so the enemies of the ANC can get back to establishing a boycott against the hiring of African American, African, and South African professionals OVER whites. This arrogance is STAGGERING ! There are literally miles of palaces and ranches, along long stretches of land, that belong to whites. Across the roads are packed horse barns and animal shelter which has been converted into makeshift housing for Black South Africans, yet these Boers have the nerve to cry about a few token jobs being given to Black professionals ? What a sad and pathetic group of snobs.

Most frightening of all is their disregard of consequences that may occur as a result of their hate speech (which Julius Malema has been convicted of in the past). However, the Boers can sense that their time is almost up, and their return to Europe will occur as the spiritual Soldiers of J-Malema grow into manhood. They can no longer deny that their presence in South Africa is an illegal occupation. Through intimidation, they try to coerce people into referring to whites living in South Africa as "Africans", even though they know that such a claim is ridiculous. The only true African people living in South Africa are BLACK Africans. Tricks of desperation (such as divide and conquer) are still being used. However, I was VERY pleased to see that some educated, Black South Africans share the views of Malema.

Indeed, bright days lay ahead for the TRUE AFRICANS LIVING IN SOUTH AFRICA. Many people of conscious have canceled their plans of attending the World Cup. Hopefully, many more will join in this International gesture. Additionally, human rights groups must step-up their efforts to end the staggering 70% strangle that white South Africans have on the money and land in the country. Only then will the ANC have the power to free the people.

" Mandela yesterday, Mugabe tomorrow "--Julius Malema.

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