Ever since I was a young boy growing up in Light Oak and later Cherryville I have taken regular assessments of my life and made adjustments. Change is growth. Without growth you die. I’m not saying you die physically but I believe you die in the spirit. Once you get that stuck in a rut feeling and start to mope about without a purpose for living, when every day is predictable, food is boring, your friends are dull and uninteresting, and Facebook becomes your best friend, then you may need a Fresh Perspective.

I can tell you from personal experience that outside stimulants don’t work. I have tried taking drugs, drinking alcohol, multiple sexual partners, being a Jesus freak, making it rain in the clubs, hanging out with exotic dancers, and being married and having children, but they were all temporary pleasures. Eventually they all brought Pain and her cousin Suffering moving in and taking over. It took me a long time to realize that my joy had to come from the inside that I had to be at peace with me at my Inner Core. I believe the Inner Core is determined as a child placed in each of us by God. The only way to be at peace with myself is getting a Fresh Perspective and realigning my Position. My Position is not your position so my walk will not line up with yours. Here’s my Position and Purpose for living:

Travel to California, Alaska and Spain: A college education: An awesome stereo system: Become a writer, singer, and musician: Write novels of suspense: Own a house I could come home to and call it my own: Be a positive influence in the lives of those around me: Have visions, then seek after and grab hold to my dreams, to believe everything I desire is possible: Not be a weekend father: Raise my children in the home: My children not to be raised under the upbringing of alcohol, drugs, abusive language, and weapons of violence: My children have a college education: Make my parents proud: Proud of my parents: Jesus to never stop loving me: Me never stop loving Jesus: Peace, joy, and righteousness: My living not to be in vain: To be the best I can be: When all is said and done everyone who knew me would say “Boot did it his way and I was okay with that”: To be respected.

Every day I listen to folk tell me that I’m sad, lonely, and heartbroken and out of touch. They tell me getting remarried, my boys having grandchildren, or not spending so much time at church and at work but in the gym will cheer me up. I don’t need their ways of cheering up. Like I said, been there, done that, I know plenty of ways to make myself happy. All I need and ever will need is a Fresh Perspective in fulfilling my Inner Core. Once you experience Joy, Peace, and Righteousness for yourself, you will never turn back to the ways of the world. Peace….

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