· Nine people have been shot and four people are dead after a drive-by shooting in southeast D.C. last night.

· Around 7:30 p.m., a car drove by and bullets were sprayed into a group of friends, striking nine people.

· Six males and three females were shot; five of the shooting victims had life-threatening injuries.

· Fire officials say all of the victims are in their 20s and 30s except one, person who is a teen.

· Three people are in custody but police are not being called suspects.

· Police are looking into a possible motive and whether it could be a case of retaliation.

Source: WJLA.com


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Comment by Lovleeannwise on March 31, 2010 at 8:24pm
My nephew and I were in the area where this tragedy occurred saw all of the emergency response it was park, state, md, dc, local police... it was so scary I didn't know what had happened but this morning when I heard it on the news, I prayed then sighed and then cried..... It's so sad and it's not even summer here in DC yet. We need to get rid of all the guns ban them altogether, because the #1 enemy in our Nation is crime against @ other. Columbine, Oklahoma, Waco, DC Sniper were not from anyplace else but America land of the free home of the dumb and brave!
Comment by Jea Williams on March 31, 2010 at 6:59pm
They say we need more love in the home, more prayer, but we also need more jobs in the community and something constructive for not just the young but the older people to focus on. My son is 18 and frustrated about not being able to find a job though he has multiple applications out there, for businesses that claim they are hiring but never give him a call. I'm stressed because he is starting to hang out, looking for something to do and it is painful watching what I see unfolding but feeling helpless to change the course of action. I talk to him, I pray but I'm also working extra because I was out of a job for nearly a year and everynow has gone downhill and now life is a climb up a steep ladder. Our kids don't believe they have a future because we as parents don't have much faith is ours and if they use what has happened to us as an example, they go what's the use. They live for today, come what may. It doesn't matter what happens tomorrow or who gets hurt because so many black families are hurting in so many ways and it seems we just keep looking for a way out, or for things to get better and it's not happening. We are self destructing what hasn't already been destroyed within the family structure, the church, and the job market.


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