The Man’s Guide To Helping A Woman Achieve The Ultimate Orgasm- In 3 Simple Steps

1. Mental Preparation- Mentioned first because it is the most important, a man has to

take the time to learn how to properly prepare a woman mentally for an ultimate orgasmic experience. A

man would be foolish to think that a woman’s climax is achieved by the same measure as a man’s

climax is achieved. Being that the makeup of a man, based on percentage, is about 75% physical it

doesn’t take much for a man to achieve climax; or in other words have an orgasm. However being

that the makeup of a woman is about 40% mental, it takes more for a woman to come to that same

climatic point. Women tend to view orgasm differently than men and therefore more work is

involved in helping a woman achieve that goal. Men see climax as an ending to the sexual

experience, whereas most women view climax as a connection being made that goes beyond

anything physical; a connection that allows her to grant a man entrance into territories not yet

tapped into. Women put thought into their orgasms therefore a man must put thought into how to

properly arouse a woman’s thought process to prepare her for what’s to come. A man should never

wonder why a woman can achieve orgasms more often through masturbation than with him; it’s

simply because her thoughts are controlling her body’s reactions and if a man has not taken the time

to invest in mentally preparing that woman then the chances of her achieving climax with him are

slim. Women may think of other more stimulating things and/or individuals (unfortunately) when

having sexual relations with a man who doesn’t take the time to mentally prepare her, just so that

she may achieve climax without any real help from him. Grant it a woman may have sexual

relations with a man minus orgasms, but that don’t mean that she doesn’t desire to have them.

That just means that she has settled for not achieving them, appeasing him, and forfeiting her

ultimate satisfaction. A man must learn to be skillful when delving into the mind of a woman.

Overkill is a turn off so a man has to learn how not to give too much or push too hard.

It’s all about him helping a woman set a mental mood that’s centered not upon orgasm but more

upon a connection being shared. A man has to find a connecting point with a woman’s mind in

order to help her achieve the ultimate orgasm. It starts with listening and proper response, insight

into what her needs are, and being attentive to the desires that she is not telling you about. A man’s

conversation works wonders if it’s mentally stimulating; and that doesn’t mean that it has to be

about sex. A confident man who can talk intelligently about anything from the arts to politics can be

more mentally arousing than a man who foolishly sits up and talks about sex all day. A woman’s

mind is turned on by and attracted to 3 major things: confidence, intelligence, and attentiveness.

If you can master being confident, speaking intelligently, and being attentive to who she is and what

she is about then you will have no problem stimulating her mind and helping her achieve the

ultimate orgasm.

2. Physical Stimulation- Believe it or not, physical stimulation is the least important factor

when it comes to a man helping a woman achieve the ultimate orgasm. Grant it physical stimulation has

some significance (about 10%) a man is mistaken to think that it’s major when it comes to a woman

reaching her point of climax. A woman can be physically aroused but still not have an orgasm, and

thus she will still go unfulfilled sexually. That’s why again it is important for a man to make sure that

a woman is mentally prepared for orgasm as well. Now physical stimulation does play a role and

have its place so it will be discussed briefly. A man has to have enough confidence in himself to view

himself as masculine enough to physically stimulate a woman. If a man sees himself improperly or

insecurely then the chances of a woman being physically stimulated by him are slim. Women can

sense fear and intimidation, and although some women may take pity on a man for demonstrating it,

most will see it as a turn off because they will feel as though that man does not have the capabilities

of pleasing her sexually. It’s not about a man controlling a woman more than it is about a man controlling

the atmosphere; a man who knows how to properly take charge without being forceful and/or abrasive. A

man has to invest time in himself and into learning and mastering techniques that ensure physical

stimulation when it comes to his woman. Not just where to touch a woman, but the proper way to touch a

woman. A man with soft yet masculine hands can physically stimulate a woman simply because he

has a soft yet masculine touch. In my opinion a man should take the time to properly take care of his

hands if he plans on touching a woman’s body with them. What woman wants to be touched by a

man with sandpaper hands? Anyway, it’s not about where to kiss a woman more that it is about how

to kiss a woman. A man has to learn how to set a mood that induces physical temptation and

stimulation. Dim lights, soft music, and a charming ensemble of wine, conversation, and leading eye

contact can work wonders when helping a woman achieve the ultimate orgasm. A man has to take

the time to learn how a woman likes to be touched, held, and caressed in order to stimulate her

physically. A man has to learn that it goes beyond what he likes, and it becomes more about what

she likes. It is easier for a woman to achieve the ultimate orgasm when she feels the sexual

experience is centered upon her pleasures being fulfilled.

3. Emotional Liberation- We have discussed about 50% of a woman’s makeup, leaving

the remaining 50% to be explored. The majority of all women are more emotional than anything else.

Now when I say emotional I do not mean irrational or overly dramatic; I mean women are feelers

and they feel out a circumstance or situation more than a man does. Women feel and think whereas

men react, suffer the consequence, feel out the situation, and then think about it. Men and women

are made up totally opposite of one another, and when it comes to sexual relations things are no

different. Men don’t bother to see the important role that emotional liberation plays in a woman

achieving her ultimate orgasm. More often than not if a woman is preparing herself to engage in sexual

relations with a man, she has thought about it and she has examined how she feels about sharing her

body with the man she is involved with. During sexual relations women experience transference of feelings

that a man may not experience. She may feel an unnatural high and inebriating bliss, or she may feel

disappointment and shame. Most women who are sexually promiscuous are more in search of an emotional

connection than they are in search of sexual fulfillment. Some may say that statement is inaccurate,

but based on research and study that statement has some truth to it. When a woman feels she can be

emotionally free with you, and not hide who she really is, it becomes easier for her to let go and give

in to the sexual escapades that are waiting to be released on the inside of her. When a woman feels

that she shares an emotional connection with a man she is more prone to be experimental,

explorative, and spontaneous and therefore more inclined to reach her point of climax. Men have to

learn to be patient and learn to see a woman beyond sexual fulfillment. A man has to take the time

to genuinely open up and expose his emotional side to a woman in order for that woman to be

comfortable enough with him to do the same. Most women are very cautious when it comes to

matters of the heart and their emotional well being, so a man must not rush things when trying to

get a woman to open up to him. Women can also sense ulterior motives and when a man is not

being sincere in his efforts to get her to open up to him. Men have to learn how to be men, and how

to be comfortable enough with a woman to grant a woman access into who he really is; not who his

representative fronts him to be. Men have to take the time to understand why women feel the way

that they feel, think the way that they think, and respond the way that they respond. A man has to

take the time to see the benefit of being emotionally connected with a woman, and he has to stop

seeing it as a burden. Getting to know a woman should be a privilege and not a task. Becoming

emotional partners should be seen with more importance than becoming sexual partners is. Just as a

man can, a woman can have sex with anyone, but she cannot connect emotionally with just anyone.

A man has to be man enough to be able to handle being emotionally connected to a woman. And

with this type of connection, a woman is more at ease and comfortable with a man on every other

level; especially sexually. A man must always remember that a woman’s emotional liberation is a

major key to unlocking her ultimate orgasm.

Lonnie J. Hamilton of The Core Being Consulting Group

Copyright 2008

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Comment by Miss Atl on December 21, 2008 at 1:59pm
Thank you Lonnie!!! - Here's # 4 - COMMITTMENT!! Nothing turns a woman on more than knowing that her man is faithful, and true, and that HE WILL NEVER LEAVE HER or FORSAKE HER!
Comment by Lonnie J. Hamilton on December 14, 2008 at 12:08am
Thank you all for you much appreciated comments.
Comment by LuvlinessIam on November 10, 2008 at 8:46pm
Well said.
Comment by Gini on November 7, 2008 at 11:22pm
great article!Looks like you did a serious research on the topic.
now, you know you just scared the whole bunch of men out there =)
after they read this they are either going to say that this seems like too much work, or retreat in denial saying it's all wrong and that their women have no problem achieving the climax with them EVERY single time =)

once again, great article.
Comment by Susta on November 4, 2008 at 3:51pm
Boy you are soooo right, most men just don't get it.
Comment by Andrea on November 3, 2008 at 12:25pm
thats nice
Comment by Steffibaby on October 28, 2008 at 10:58pm


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