We live in a society where interracial dating is becomming more and more common as time passes by. But for those that are stuck in traditional race relations, interracial dating can be very taboo. Here are a few exerpts on how some black girls view a black guy that dates a white girl:

"i am ashamed!!!!! all the beautiful black women int he world who are wiling to stand by there men if they jus treat them right...and he goes to get a white gurl. i sometimes get sick..you say we have attitudes and what not but dont you want a strong woman who shows passion inher beliefs wheterh right or wrong she iwll stand by her word and sho truth in her reasoning!!!! nope they want the girl who is easily persuaded and can walk all over ....but hey its there loss"

"Personally, I see black men wit white women as weak beause that's exactly wat they want: somebody 2 stroke they ego n somebody who'll give em watever that want witout havin 2 put in tha effort they would wit a black girl. "

"i cant understand how a man could wanna be wit sumbody (white) that cant identify wit tha biggest aspect of his life. but i guess since tha black man's power is so limited in tha real world, him comin home 2 a submmissive white woman is jus tha ego stroke he needs. and its jus as plain and siimple as that."

Even I have come under heavy criticism for being open to the idea of interracial dating, but my question is this... why do some people feel as tho they are entitled to be with only one race? Truth be told, alot of sistas that see brothas with white girls are the same ones that didnt give the brotha the time of day when he tried to talk to her. There alot of complaints about how there no good black men left in the world, how white women are taking all the good black men, or how black men seek white women because they are submissive, but stop kidding urself. The jealousy and bitterness has to stop. In my opinion, ya like who ya like and dont let anyone put a guilt trip on u because they couldnt have u when they had the chance. Say no to ignorance, catch a snow bunny. Peace n blessings.

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Comment by USNavyRetired on June 30, 2009 at 3:10pm
Sweetypie, Baby gurl you hit the nail right on top of the dome. I to am bi-racial. Jamaican, French and Italian. Dating outside of one's race is a personal choice. I have dated Sistahs, Latinas, white women, and one Asian in my life. Doesnt matter. But I will say this, I do have a major desire for dark skinned sistahs. Look at my wife, she is darker than me. The darker the better for me. And just for the record. There aint one str8t up black person in this country unless you are directly from Africa. Im sure that if we all traced our roots there is a lil sum sum in the past. I aint hatin Im just statin. As far as the question Interracial Dating: good or bad for society? Whether it is good or bad, doesnt matter, because its happening and its going to keep happening whether we like it or not. Personnally, I think it is, Why? you ask....every day when I look at my four sons, I know for a fact that because of me and my mixed heritage I have added to the world 4 very responsible handsome young men to keep my family name going and to make a difference in the world. Praise be to God that a Bi-racial brotha has taken the highest office in the land. It is proof that the world is truely changing the way it looks at its people and the relationships that continue on.
Comment by SweetyPie on May 22, 2009 at 2:09pm
We should be able to date any race as love sees no color or culture...it is really blind and full of love.
I am actually a mutt...but a proud one at that. lol.
What i have noticed based on my experience, is that the females are the ones that seem to be bothered when a black guy dates outside his race.
Comment by Jena on January 28, 2009 at 12:52pm
What Blessed said! Wow, well I am not ignorant to the fact people (especially black woman)have these ideas about a black men and white woman, are out there, however UNTRUE they are. I can only think of one person in my entire 36 yrs on this planet that "ran all over me" I was 17-18 first real boyfriend, white red head! My husband loves me so why would be belittle me, walk all over me? Why would he show our 3 daughters this behavior?? To me that is just something that someone says because they don't have the understanding of what it takes to be with a strong black man, so it's just easier to say, white woman are easily manipulated! Takes all the "weakness" off of you and throws them onto a woman you know nothing about other than her skin color!
"they want the girl who is easily persuaded and can walk all over ....but hey its there loss" LMAO and choking on my water!!!! No honey it really isn't. Maybe once a woman who thinks this way chooses to let thier man be THE man, she would find it isn't being walked all over because you allow your husband the final say in things. Believe me as a 'white'wife to my 'black' husband, if I want something to go my way, even if I know he won't agree, I will get my way it just doesn't have to be all in his face like your going to do what I say Mutha Fu**** the keyword is finesse. I've probably been called a lot of things in my life, weak has never been one of them! And my husband has NO self esteem issue that makes me laugh just typing it! We met at work 9 years ago liked each other as friends and the rest as they say is history....
"i cant understand how a man could wanna be wit sumbody (white) that cant identify wit tha biggest aspect of his life. but i guess since tha black man's power is so limited in tha real world, him comin home 2 a submmissive white woman is jus tha ego stroke he needs. and its jus as plain and siimple as that."
WOW So because I am white I do not have any clue of the real world and how my husband is treated in it because of his skin color?! YOU my dear need to get a clue! "and its jus as plain and simple as that!"
Comment by KJ on January 10, 2009 at 11:46pm
That was a great blog, man. I too am open to date outside of my race. But, there are also a lot of white people that are closed minded of interracial dating/romance. You can't help who you fall in love with.
Comment by Beautifulone on January 10, 2009 at 8:29pm
Honeyrilla, GREAT COMMENT! Funny when I was growing up my parents frowned on us bringing home anyone of a different race. It started back then. So thats why I only dated black men early on. But now ive realized that im reducing my options. Everyday I see very attractive asian, white and hispanic men. Ive dated a white man before and I enjoyed dating him. I will always love black men but lets not limit ourselves to the possiblities ladies. The men arent.
Comment by T on January 7, 2009 at 12:45am
Honeyrilla, I totally agree with you and I'm speaking from what I know to be true. Most of the men I dated had a dark complexion. I found that most had only dated white women prior to meeting me or after the relationship ended, married white women. To each his own, but when I think of the individuals in reference, they were good men and educated men, but they had self esteem issues. I am still friends with those I speak of and the sad thing is none of them are happy in their relationships and two of the four are now divorced. As I stated, these are (attorneys, technicians, and managers). Just because a man is educated and has a good heart doesn't mean he doesn't have other issues. To each his own, but be sure you are doing what you do for love and not because you have some things inside that need resolving. Be blessed!
Comment by TONESEEKER on December 29, 2008 at 12:42pm
Brothers/Sister's are you really seeing who he or she is as a person, not skin color. Weak, it is suppose to be easier to date your race. It's going to take a lot more to date outside of it. Do you sacrifice your happiness for the sake of your race?
Comment by Honeyrilla on December 14, 2008 at 9:53pm
I don't think it's true that "alot of sistas that see brothas with white girls are the same ones that didnt give the brotha the time of day when he tried to talk to her." Tae Diggs, Tiger Woods, Cuba Gooding, etc. Indeed, approximately 25% of black men are in a relationship with a white or non-black woman. That figure is a lot lower for black women. Only about 7% - 10% of black women are in a relationship with a non-black man. (This is according to the latest census.)

I personally don't think it has anything to do with a man trying to get a woman he can walk all over or a woman that will be submissive to him. I think that it is a lot deeper than that. There are a lot of black men who have bought into the eurocentric image of beauty. They have subscribed to that aesthetic. They simply don't believe that black or "african" looking women are beautiful. They want a woman with straight, long hair. They want a woman who is light complected as opposed to a brown sister. They also don't want to have black children. I do believe on some level it is a form of self-hatred.

To be sure, there are some sisters who feel this same way.

With the large numbers of black men incarcerated, you would think that a larger percentage of black women would be in relationships with non-black men. This would be a great subject to probe. Why aren't more black women involved in relationships with non-black men?
Comment by Torrance on December 14, 2008 at 2:00am
I find it interesting that dating outside of ones 'race' is automatically seen as having a 'shortcoming'. Interesting because that's what the Klan used to say about white women who dated black men. If the intent is true love without skin color being a prerequisite there is no 'shortcoming'.
Comment by Torrance on December 14, 2008 at 1:56am
Whenever this issue comes up there are two questions that I pose. (1) Who here among us is 'smarter' than God who saw fit to put us together on this planet? (2) What is the psychological reason for dating the person of another race? If any. The second question is asked as more of a rhetorical standard. I've found that there is always one of two reasons that someone 'dates' outside of their 'race'. One, they simply fell in love with another person who happened to be of another 'race'. In other words, this different of skin color or hair texture really means nothing to them. The second type is the one that is dating someone of another 'race' because they see it as 'better' or a step up. And in some cases, simply different and exciting. This second individual it the one that concerns me. Because it suggests that they may have some issues with self worth as well as the worth of their 'race'. Or may simply be out for something 'new'. Which takes very little regard for the feelings of the person that you are dating.


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