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Dr. Manis - - A must Read

Here's an article that should generate some very lively conversation. Dr. Manis

deserves big props for having the stones to ask his most provocative question.


Dr. Manis

When Are WE Going to Get Over It?

For much of the last forty years, ever since America "fixed" its race problem in the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts, we white people have been impatient with African Americans who continued to blame race for their difficulties.…

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Walk Wif me: Mentoring our Young men

Walk wif me - - Emotional Vampires in the guise of kids I have had the unique pleasure to have met and also dated many single moms. One thing I have always noticed is their commitment or lack there of to their children. Sometimes these mothers were really involved with their kids to the point of not having anytime for themselves ( i can relate) or they were the direct opposite, placing more time on their own selfish needs as opposed to theirs. Then… Continue

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Single Parent Choices: When to introduce your new lover to the kids

With the rash of recent incidents involving single parents and either estranged partners (they never should have hooked up with) or the NEW LOVE that totally went wrong, I decided to re-post a bloggy i wrote called choices!

welcome to the bloggy... had an urge to re-visit a few things and i have grouped them into choices and decisions. I know I know, but I feel COMPELLED to address this once again.

First off "Just because you been there, done that, got the t-shirt, does…

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I dont quite fit....

Being single has often compelled me into brief fits of self awareness. sometimes i almost scare my own self at the insane ways of how we try to rationalize the irrational when it comes to relationships for those of us over 40!

I am not the norm in the least in this strange regard. I just dont fit the usual behaviors for someone in my circumstance. That would be single, attractive, intelligent, drug and disease free, SANE black man....Im not needy nor desperate. Oh and Im not…

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on the day of her birth, i looked into her eyes and knew right then.."THis one, this one is gonna be TROUBLE" nissa - daddy who are these dvds for? pops - they are for uncle Daryl, he doesnt get to …

on the day of her birth, i looked into her eyes and knew right then.."THis one, this one is gonna be TROUBLE"

nissa - daddy who are these dvds for?

pops - they are for uncle Daryl, he doesnt get to watch much tv

nissa - howcome?

pop - he has two jobs and he has a business to run

nissa - oh...daddy why doesnt he just quit his jobs, then he can watch tv and we can keep the dvds

i gave her my daddy stare…

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Holiday shopping spree OH MY


ok so the christmas shopping season is upon us and everybody is BROKE! yep!! I ventured out on black friday to gather a couple of things for my girls that had just WENT ON SALE!! ...However i peeped a sale price that surprised me..i purchased my blu ray player for 198.00 but the durn thing went on sale 3 days later for 127.00.. CAN YOU SAY GO GEET YOUR REFUND?

Numba 1-- the walmart debacle! so i go into walmart at about…

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Ever Wonder?

Welcome to the bloggy blog!

You ever wonder?

Ever wonder why living is so hard, and then think of the alternative?

Ever wonder why some seek the same hurtful situations over and over again?

Ever wonder why people say what they say and do what they do?

Ever wonder why so many have issues with others but none with themselves?

Ever wonder why children always make the most sense?

Ever wonder why the love of your life… Continue

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The I C Color Bloggy: When do we get serious?

Hello and welcome to the bloggy:

first up: Serious Relationships..hmmmm im curious as to when they actually begin. Is it when one person in the relationship says "Im ready for more of you...or Im ready to take this up a notch"

or is it when someones actions indicate that they are truly in love with you, and are emotionally connected to you... have they crossed into the SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP zone? and more importantly HAVE… Continue

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The Battle for BEING REAL: Online Relationships

The Battle for Being Real: Attraction and Jilted Lovers

welcome to the bloggy.. this is the Humpday LET EM HAVE it Edition.. Part two of the series, the Battle for Being Real will take us into the sordid and really distasteful laws of online attraction; and drop us into the lap of the jilted lover. Somehow I thought the two would naturally go hand in hand. You will see why- - -

online attraction is beyond me! I am not SHALLOW HAL,…

Added by NyKing on October 24, 2008 at 8:10am — 3 Comments

The I C Color Bloggy: Kindness

hello to all, and welcome to the bloggy...

recent experiences in the life of Pops Nathan, have made me wonder just how truly friendly and considerate are we? I mean most people do have a kind bone in their bodies, but still not all of us are kind and compassionate 24/7. Here are two of my most recent examples of what i like to call "The Kindness Quotient"

After travelling most of the day and night from Omaha, which took me through Minneapolis for a 2 hour layover, I…

Added by NyKing on October 23, 2008 at 7:41pm — 3 Comments


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