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Stop Those Self-defeating Thoughts

I awoke this morning feeling less than confident and filled with many voices. There were many thoughts swimming around my head as if in a race. The thoughts were not caring, supportive, or loving. They were self-defeating. They were the ramblings of a mind telling me why I should not, could not, can’t, not good enough, I am a failure and it went on and on. I kept taking deep breaths searching for the present moment, searching for my divinity that says I can do anything, and I am everything. I… Continue

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Kissed By The Faeries

Have you ever looked at your life path and noticed a common theme? I had an aha! moment today. Maybe not really an aha!, but a reminder. I was standing in the kitchen. I seem to spend so much time there. I was fussing about this very thing. I spend about, at least, 70% of my home time in the kitchen. I was washing dishes and making a young coconut drink with my favorite fruits. We have the sniffles moving about my house today. I wanted to give Giordana something nourishing. Next thing I knew,… Continue

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Children Call For Change

My daughter started 7th grade last week. There is such a great change in who she is now compared to last year. She and her peers are so much more aware of the world around them. They are beginning to question everything, and want to know why. They are paying attention to politics, and creating sustainable ideas to change the environment. I just love hearing about their ideas. I think that they are so much more conscious than we ever were. They are simply amazing. However, this does leave adults… Continue

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New York Post - divert your energy

I find it interesting that the show today discussed the Obama cartoon, and then turned to the Secret. Sadly enough the community is missing the point of what the Secret is all about. It is one thing to read the comic, and find it disturbing, but it is another to put so much attention to it. As we place our attention on the outrageousness of the cartoon we are also perpetuating, and exascerbating the anger, hatred and violence. I heard one comment about how this cartoon is adding to the hatred… Continue

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What it means to Be Senior of Who You are

It all began as I pondered on what having seniority really meant. I found myself teaching lessons on that very subject only to have clients ask me questions around the same. I am always amazed at how the great mystery brings us the moments in which we find the answers we are seeking. It has been my experience that as I go through a stage of growth others around me also go through their own. Some how together we seem to complete the lesson, but on different paths.

I awoke one night in… Continue

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Women Who Are Nameless, But Not Without Names

When I look at them, I see myself. I know that I was once them, and a part of me still is. I also know that I am them and they are me. They are the women who are nameless, but not without names. These women have eating disorders. I do not have an eating disorder, nor have I ever. I have just learned that the line between women who do, and women who do not, is very thin. We are all vulnerable to this illness if we do not pay attention. Any of us are prone to crossing that line. You do not even… Continue

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Names and Labels

Recently the memory of one of my ex-boyfriends has been popping into my head often. I am not one to walk down memory lane and dream about the past. Therefore, when a memory keeps flashing before me I pay attention. It is always for a good reason. There is a lesson to learn. Anyway, this ex of mine, I always thought that he was very intelligent, and had a lot to offer the world. He appeared to be quite friendly to others, but the truth was the exact opposite. You know when you meet someone how… Continue

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God Is

I had the fortunate opportunity to be invited to a friend’s house for dinner where I met a man that was presently attending seminary school, studying to be a minister. This was an extraordinary divinely ordered event. This meeting was an answer to both of our many questions. He was questioning how to feel God, and I was learning how to allow others to believe what they may, be comfortable with who I am, and where I have been in a community that was not so open. We engaged in a stimulating… Continue

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