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Father's day posts.

I find it rather odd that, with all the father's day post I read, few, if any, had any comments at all. I find that rather hypocritical on a board that cries the black man blues, then on a day where we concede to praise or uplift our fathers or fathers we know of, nobody comments at all. Not at all.

Now, let somebody bitter female post about how another black man done did her wrong, and we got 12 pages. Several people posted poems, thoughts, and praise on father's…

Added by Darrell Joyce on June 23, 2010 at 4:00pm — 2 Comments

The Relations-ship!

Too much emphasis is put on being in one, having a good one, finding one, maintaining a bad one, you name it. They're either sinking or treading water, in most cases today. IMO, women place far too much emphasis on getting into relationship instead looking at whether or not THEY are good in relationships, platonic or intimate.

Too much focus is placed on what the man is going to do while in it, bring to it, or how he will enhance her perception of it-too…

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Searching for love in all the wrong places

Seems to me that, for black women to be considered happy, they must secure a lifelong relationship to be considered "wanted". Do you, the women, realize who is pushing this agenda upon you? Other women! Who says that, if you don't have a man, you are less of a woman? Men don't say that. The media pushes it on you every single day. I know many women that are grounded, well rounded, intellectual, wonderful women. Yet, with all they have accomplished, they need to be validated by a relationship… Continue

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Oddly enough, women can profit from scandal, yet men cannot. From the Chris Brown saga, OJ, and now Tiger. Nobody wanted Rhianna's career to end. We still don't really know what happened, all we know is everybody hates Chris Brown. Sure, "No man should ever put his hands on a woman!" but that is often regurgitated by a woman that would quickly lay hands on a man, then complain about the consequences.

Celebrity… Continue

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Female cheaters

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Why so little anger towards women that cheat? Or, abuse their men, for that matter? Sticking to the topic at hand, there is more outrage that Tiger cheated than the fact that so many women are willing to drop trow just to be with a famous guy? We all know of the hideously ugly celebrity that has women throwing themselves at them. What of them? I've been in many situations where a celebrity enters a room, and women can't… Continue

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Infidelity: The Rich, Power, Famous.

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Tiger Wood's is not much different than any other celebrity marriage gone bad. A rich, powerful, famous male is married, yet cheating? My question becomes: When do women stop believing in fairy tales, and come to grips with, possibly, men with that much opportunity to cheat will do so? A regular guy is sounding pretty good these days, huh?

Sure, he could keep it in his pants, but that doesn't speak volumes on… Continue

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Organized religion

What is your view on organized religion? How does it help or hurt the black community, or society as a whole? Where you brought up to just believe, or did you come to believe? Seems that the church has become more and more about profit and having the largest flock than teaching and getting out into the community. Has is become business first, saving souls second?

Lastly, what is your position on the possibility that it isn't real at all, but made up fables meant sway or teach lessons.

Added by Darrell Joyce on October 17, 2009 at 1:03pm — 5 Comments

Now you see it, now you don't.

The recent trend of married folk not wearing their rings has taken off. So often i find out too late in a conversation that a woman is married, and quite often, the men do not wear their wedding bands either. How has this trend become so common? What fuels it? Do you believe there is an underlying desire to no longer be married, and someone just isn't getting the hint?

Added by Darrell Joyce on September 30, 2009 at 12:11am — 2 Comments

If knowledge is power...

..why are books and other mediums seemingly the kryptonite of the black community. The internet, though not without fault, is a very strong tool for learning. There is nothing you cannot find out without typing a few words, clicking a few links, and you are there!

As a race, we've fallen further and further behind every race you can mention. We just seem to gravitate towards materialism. We've become this "all about me" culture, taking us down a path to no where fast.

The… Continue

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THe problem with our education system is...

..catering more to the children who do not want an education, all the while, neglecting the ones that do. Too much time and energy is being spent on trying to keep children in class, focus or from dropping out, when the children who are there to learn are sitting around waiting to be educated. We've made forcing idiots to learn a priority over teaching those who want to.

Sure, it sounds as though i have completely given up on our youth, but, at some point we have a right the ship and… Continue

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Parental responsibility: A TWO-WAY STREET!

Many on the average message board, this one included, seem to gravitate toward the notion that the problem rooted in the black community stem from the lack of fathers. That young black youth are out of control because black men are absent. Well, a child has two parents, right? That means, if one cannot handle a task, the other steps in. If momma ain;t around, daddy has to step up on all levels. So, if papa ain't around, does that excuse the role the mother now has to play?


How can… Continue

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Cash for Clunkers? Yay or Nay?

Now, i'm just posing a question here, so let's calm down and look at the facts as they are. In my opinion (which holds no weight outside my head or this board) the Cash for Clunkers program is an abject failure. Again, I am not Obama-hating, i just feel the plan is flawed in many ways.

First, you offer $3500-4000 for used cars with poor mileage rating, etc. The incentive is to trade that in for a more fuel efficient vehicle. More reliable, and so on. Well, in most cases, if someone… Continue

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