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Back Stabbers: Betrayed by your so-called friends

We all have a tale of betrayal!

Post your story!

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Why some people won’t date someone with kids

Let me get to the point of this blog!

Is a woman being selfish to state she wouldn't date a man with kids or just being honest?

What if a man said he wouldn't date a woman with kids is there a double standard?

Are there any women willing to admit they refuse to date a man with… Continue

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Kids held Hostage: Why women shouldn’t use their kids as pawns

With a more than fifty percent rate of divorce in the United States today most people can relate what it was like to live through a divorce with their parents. Unfortunately, they can also relate to what it was

like to feel like pawns in the war that was waged by at least one parent against the other.

It is understandable that by the time two people are ready for divorce there are many angry, resentful and bitter feelings… Continue

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Tahitian Noni Bioactive Drinks

Hello Family!

TNI has did it again! They have revamped the packaging, added the science, and is challenging the other Super Fruit companies to compare their products to Tahitian Noni bioactive drinks. The challenge is $250,000. Although the original bottle is still available, the new bioactive drinks are more mobile and takes up less space in the refrigerator!! There are 4 different strengths of the drinks, one for the family that…

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Time is short.

Do we adhere to see the glass half full or half empty?

Can we wrap our minds around seeing life as half full.......... even if we've not yet achieved our goals, struggles get us down or a mountain of issues surround us; such as, money, family, kids, job, life... the glass can still be half full........

Petty frames of mind is soooo 2000. haha...... don't sweat the small stuff...... this is 2010 people. At some point, we must come…


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Our new artist

Foundaytion Black Entertainment presents Vontrelle White.

Vontrelle White- R & B soul music singer and songwriter from Portsmouth, Virginia is said to have an authentic writing style and a freshness in her vocal approach. This was noted by industry engineer Michael Evans.…


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1 poet 1 pen

1 poet 1 pen

the ink is the oil which comes from my skin

never fittin in

cause society wouldn't let me blend

limitin my friends

until I feel in love with the margin

who openly let me in

and she took the time to listen

to what it was I had to say

never turnin me away

kind da like god when ya pray

havin my back when I say

I write the words that make the world go round

even though to some that might sound…


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Joy: Psalm 89:15,16

Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, O Lord. They rejoice in your name all day long; they exult in your righteousness. Psalm 89:15,16

If you are interested in reading my Daily Inspirational Blog, you can read it on my page. See RSS feed.

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WHAT'S IN A NAME.............GOD, IS A "TITLE" ....NOT A NAME !

Whats in a name ? well if you were Hebrew, YOU WOULD KNOW THAT IN A NAME, you have a description of some aspect of a persons character or a description of some visible trait ! In Jewish tradition a name has meaning.....none of that, naming your little boy after your favorite hollywood movie hereo, or your little daughter after your favorite drink of choice(alize for example).........This is especially true in the area of religon......IN THE BIBLE, the "God" of the Bible......has a name, the… Continue

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I had the pleasure of attending a Women's…


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Size Does Not Matter...

Earlier today, Rob Nelb and I co-hosted a Coffee Party meeting at Bus Boys and Poets (BBP) restaurant in Washington, DC.

However, after two weeks of planning the Issue Summit meeting at BBP's 5th and K Street location, we discovered that at the exact same day and time, at BBP's 14th and V Street location, another Coffee Party Issue Summit meeting was planned with the organization's founder (Annabel Park) attending.

At this meeting CSPAN, FOX, and CNN were…


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Triple Negative Breast Cancer!

I am sounding an alert about something called...TRIPLE NEGATIVE BREAST CANCER !

This is a different form of breast cancer - much more aggressive!!!

It usually affects AFRICAN-AMERICANS. Typically under age 40!

It is highly resistant to the traditional forms of chemotherapy and can quickly kill!

PLEASE get mamograms as early as age 21, especially if you are AFRICAN-AMERICAN!

Feel free to…


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I have a close relationship with the so-called "black" wing of the republican party and the tactics i have personally witnessed from these people are reprehensible.... A racist will always put on one of these poor-misguided souls like, "so much black-face" Let me reveal to the ISEECOLOR family some truths. I GUARANTEE NO PERSON WHO READS THIS AND CALLS HIMSELF A BLACK REPUBLICAN.WILL "DARE CHALLENGE (for at least 9 years i have spanked the lies out of these misguided souls). First, lets be… Continue

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God Has The Answer

God Has the Answer to Your Need

by George Cuff

Times are tough and people are groping. Many are gripped by fear.

Trials can cause their hearts to be open. Is there a message for them to hear?

God has given a word of comfort that can bless and set them free.

Though it was written years ago, it's still true for you and me.

Jesus said if we belong…


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Greenier Grass

Why do people begin relationships and captivate their partners hearts? Why do people love and become involved and say they want to plan a life with you, then don't?

Why people walk years beside you and then walk away?

Why do people who have life easy, turn and let it go?

I'll tell you…


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Abba, how can I behold thee
were not my eyes made to see
can my mind comprehend in your reality
a single one of your infinite possibilities
I am dwelling here exposed, bare, and naked
so many persona over hidden truth, I fake it
encumbered on a wide traversed road in my journey

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Does Intellect Really Matter Anymore?

With the mass appeal of beauty; the needs, cravings, and desires to be physically attractive consuming a large part of society today...does intellect really matter anymore in most facets of life? While it's true that 'being attractive' may land you that great job with the nice salary and fringe benefits, shouldn't there also be room for intellect to play a major role as a qualifying factor? You see, I strongly believe in a lot of ways that now more than ever, society as a whole is shunning… Continue

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Gone for a minute

Sorry i been gone for awhile but im back so please show me some love. No i wasnt in jail, just busy with life. Im single and looking forward to meeting new people.

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This Week on The Michael Baisden Show: Podcasts, Show Guests and Newsletter March 22- 26, 2010

HERE’S WHAT YOU MISSED THIS WEEK: [Find out more about show guests, topics and listen to archived shows]

This Week’s Show Guests:…


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